Saturday, December 19, 2015

Quick check-in

I don't know how long it has been since I checked in here.   The past month has been very busy and I see no let-up for weeks to come.  No sewing done, at all, but Xmas prezzies are almost all wrapped and the tree is up.

RoseyP - I agree with you about the commercialization of Christmas.  Around here, the retailers have the Xmas stuff out in August.... maybe July.   It is ridiculous.

Our weather here has been unusually warm.   Even the Bermuda grass is starting to green up because the nights have been so warm.     .Looks like it will continue next week, too, with rain throughout much of the week.    The only good thing about this weather is that our heating bill will be quite affordable!

I'm off to the races again now.   We have a hockey game tonight, and a full day tomorrow.  I thought life would slow down as I got older.  Well, it has not.   LOL

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc., and big hugs to everyone!

A Christmas Quilt from Quilt Inspiration site

Marion, I love your quilt and thank you for putting it up again this year.  It's so cheerful.  I subscribe to the blog, Quilt Inspiration and they have been posting Christmas quilts.  This one, which I hope the link comes in live I found very interesting.  It is by Kim Loar.  The pattern and the colours are very good.

I've never liked the commercialism of Christmas and the feelings of needing to have a stereotyped happy Christmas.  It's nice to get together with family but the hype I confess gets to me.

Wishing more people posted here,
RoseyP in Canada

Christmas greetings.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

checking in

Hi again.  Guess we are all  very busy this time of year.  Thank you all for your sweet thoughts.
We will have a memorial service here in Jacksonville, at my church, as the nieces and nephew and families can't make the long drive to S. Fla.
I've been sick with various things since Thanksgiving day.  First sore throat, then head cold, then sore throat again.  Finally broke down and went to Dr's office Monday, saw his nurse PA, and I have an ear infection, swollen glands.  yuck -- taking a strong antibiotic now, eating lots of yogurt, and laying low.  Also on a pro-biotic.  (A good excuse to watch mindless TV and eat ice cream) -- getting tired of this, but know 2 more days and I'll be better.  Then can go and do.
DH has been a real trooper, and I'm eating soup.  I am promising myself that first thing tomorrow I'm going to put the labels on the 2 quilts I finished for the grands, and wrap them and get them under the tree.
Sara in Fla. at the beach