Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First acpuncture treatment today

BTW-the Y2K quilts are all lovely.
I wanted to get off of the med the Neuro doc had given me, as they were giving me anxious thoughts, and weirdness that I don't need more of. After checking with my Blue Cross insurance I found several chiro. docs in the town that do acupuncture, and went to one this morning. Had some deep tissue massage, the acupunture, and have a lot less kinks in the neck and shoulders.
Hopefully this will keep me from having those terrible migraine headaches. We are driving to the Tally. Fla. area on Friday for a wedding. After that flying to Branson, MO on Monday to see some shows. This flight is to use the flight vouchers we received last May when I got so sick with the migraine and couldn't get on the plane. Looking back, with all the trouble we have had I would have just boarded the plane! I could have thrown up there, and then gotten it over with, and gone on to see the grand kids.
Airline alert--don't ever fly Allegiant Airlines. Terrible customer service--as in none. If and when we fly again we will go with another line, just pay the price and change wherever we have to.
Sara in sunny Fla.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My second Y2K

Now I remember why there weren't any 3" squares left over. I used them on the half square triangles. This is the second Y2K quilt I made. It's the one we use on our bed in the summertime. It was based on a pattern from one of the quilt magazines. The designer made it in Civil War Repros and called it North and South. Since my squares came from around the world, I called this one "North, South, East and West." Haven't been able to run down a picture of the first one yet, but I know it's here somewhere. Otherwise I'll just have to take a new one!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Y2 K

Here is the quilt I am trying to replace. I have pulled it to one side so that the picture looks decent...I sorted my squares light, medium, and dark. Then I simply grabbed squares from the appropriate bag. I did do some color sorting as I went so that the yellows, reds, and oranges were scattered rather that together.

On the off side, I have 10 inches of mattress showing, and there is no pillow tuck. The new mattress is ridiculously large. Eventually I am going to need stairs to climb up there. So far, I am still agile enough to make the ascent.
The other Y2k quilt was never wide enough. I need to find someone with a full size bed to use this one.