Friday, July 20, 2012

Here is the wildchild herself a year ago. Miss AnnieBelle (the Belle for her dam..reg. name Thornapple Day of Reckoning and that she is for sure...a reckoning). Her bark would shatter glass if she was an opera singer...not one of her more sterling qualities but she's as bright and intelligent an Aussie as I've ever had of the four we've had here. She's a monkey, alright.

Congratulations Rosey ! Beautiful work.  I love the second photo, it looks quite ethereal with the snow in the background.  I'm sure your work was greatly admired (and appreciated) at the show. Not many of us have the talent or tenacity to see such a project through. I am impressed !

I did try to add all of the above as a "comment", but couldn't get it to post...I then clicked onto something about changing the blog host (?) and am now totally confused and feel that this blog and all of my BB friends are in danger of disappearing forever. I hope that isn't the case.   Perhaps I'll come back to it when I have had a coffee.. It hasn't been a good week here.  The weather has been miserable and the DH has a nasty cough and cold....Need I say more ?!?


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something cool

Awhile ago, I was flapping around about this Inuit outfit that I was trying to make for an exhibit and I did manage to get it finished, photographed and so on, in time to submit the entry. In 1987 a national Canadian magazine asked me to design a quilt depicting the Arctic, which I did. They commissioned the quilt so I did not keep the designs. About three or four years ago, a quiltmaker from Alberta, Canada contacted me to inquire about the pattern, saying that she was completing the quilt her aunt had begun after purchasing the pattern from the magazine. The long and the short of it was, I redesigned the pattern and found myself so interested in the culture and history of the Eskimo/now Inuit people that I continued on, designed another quilt and then, this outfit, called Akulik (long-tailed parka) in honour of the author of the book, Sinews of Survival, by Betty K. Issenman. The exhibit was in her home city and although she is 92 now and wrote the book, I think in her early 80's, she did see the outfit at the exhibit. The sun image is by Kenojuak Ashevak; the image on the back, not seen, is by the late Aoudla Pudlat, both Inuit artists. Boots were made as well. We've been having a heat wave here in Ontario which has been hard on humans, animals, plants and our grass is now yellow and crunchy. We haven't had rain in weeks. Rosey

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wherer is Jane in N.C.?

Has anyone seen or heard from Jane in N.C.?  I hope she hasn't run off the road again.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, July 16, 2012

this and that

I do wish the blog would stay the same I just get used to it and away it goes again. Not much happening here, too cold and wet some mornings recently we had 1 degree, I am very late getting put of bed. While I think about it be very sure you all keep the old photos. My dear mother lost the plot a little before she died and decided one day to burn all our family papers, lovely leather photo albums with the brass hinges and the sepia papers with hand painted pansies around them. Fortunately my brother and I had a few photos and we photocopied them one set for both kids and grandkids. I would have loved to have the old ones but memories will have to do. One of our great.......'s grandfathers was the village minister and used a pony and trap to visit his parishioners, apparently the pony was well trained and even if he fell asleep would stop at the next pub so he could wake up and have a pint. My mother was horrified and would never tell anyone , the rest of us think it was funny , about our only claim to fame. LOL Not too much quilting here, my DD has a little business hand dying wool and making buttons. She is really busy and makes some great colours, mostly graduated and sells it all each sale, I am grandmother in chief chasing a very fast just 10 months old. She is great but I am so pleased to get home at night. her last colours were based on the flower fairies books. and the buttons are mostly fairy stories. Looking forward to summer but have told the kitten people I will have 4 to bring up. So much for taking it easy. Phew!!!!!! Actually Gus is very good with the kitts so hope he is ready for them. ..... Sarah, so sorry to hear of your problems, they never seem to end for you. Know I am sending good thoughts to you and all others who need a lift. hugs for now Bee in NZ.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I had that movie title wrong

I was so discombobulated from the browser switcheroo thing, I got the movie title wrong.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.   (LOL)   It is "Moonrise Kingdom"  not moonlight.   Gah.

It is totally confusing Doris

Doris-sometimes I can post something new, but can't comment, sometimes the other way around.
Any of you know about pricing items for sale on E-Bay?  I have 2 sets of needlepoint prints--one set my Mom bought back in the 1960's and another set was made by an aunt from about the same time.  The E bay prices are all over the board, some are listed at needlepoint, when they are really cross stitch.  I remember Mom buying the 2 colorful prints for $10.00 each because she wanted something colorful in the living room.  Her whole life she had leftovers, "hand-me-downs" and such, and I think she just wanted something she picked out.  The paperwork was hard to go through.  I threw some things out, only to have a GF tell me to get them because they were family history.  The Denny family had about 300 acres of farm land in Laurens Co. South Carolina.  In 1937 they had to sell 20 acres to pay the taxes.  Other parts were sold over the years, and when the final sale happened in 2001 there were about 100 acres left.  Mom used her share to go on the trip to England when she was 83.  She paid my way too.
I'm hoping my DH's friend will be here today or tomorrow to show us how to photograph and set up a sale for E-Bay.  He likes to do it.  Maybe I can finally post pics. here!
Sara with the sore back in hot, sticky Fla.