Friday, September 13, 2013

men and tools

Rosey, good luck with the wood, I saw a comment about men and power tools, no power for Harry , he nearly blew himself up with a screwdriver, imagine ....... he was crouched down wallpapering round a power switch when WHOOSH we actually saw a blue flame all round his head, oh dear or words something like that, and all he complained about was it had ruined the screwdriver !!!!This was a man who instilled safety to his staff in very strong words. This was not an isolated case, we used to go out when he was working around the house, there are so many tales about him it would fill a book or two. Doris, congratulations great fun make sure you have playtimes as much as possible, Our littlie is two on Monday and it doesn't look as though we will be getting anymore, she is such a hellion my DD says enough is enough. Sarah, have a wonderful trip , wish I was there. Hugs to all Bee in NZ.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

checking in

Congrats Doris on the new little one.  And Rosey please encourage him to be careful.  One of my DH's best friends helped someone clean up after a big storm many years ago and the chain saw "kicked back" cutting into his cheek.  Power tools, a blessing, but also dangerous.
All this week I have been a wreck getting for the big trip.  Finally went back to my dentist for an adjustment on night bite  guard, telling her I couldn't sleep, pains in jaw, etc.  She gave me a RX for muscle relaxant, only at night (yes I know, I promise not to get hooked on it)  After 4 or 5 nights with little sleep slept 8 1/2 hrs, and feel like my old self.
This afternoon getting the last of the packing done.  Hot weather clothes for San Antonio, then jackets and cooler weather clothes for Grand Canyon and Zion and Colorado.  Convinced DH to drive to Roswell, N.M. instead of Las Cruses to stay off the Mexican border.  I'm nervous enough about driving all that way without having run-ins with border patrol, etc.
I'm going to do a Google check on Roswell, N.M.  Since I don't believe in alien abductions, probably won't do any sight seeing there.  Just a place to lay our heads.  
We also are packing bicycle helmets, clothing, some  gluten free snacks for me, and all that.  I took the time to make home made gluten free energy bars last week, they are good!
Going to avoid quilt shops.  My quilt-GFs and I say we have more "stuff" than we can use in 10 years, and need to stop buying!
So, will check in when back home,  Mom doing OK for 96, well taken care of in her nursing home.
Sara & Carl's excellent adventure awaits!
Sara in hot, muggy Fla.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Congratulations, Doris!! You sound as if you live quite close to the family so you will have lots of time with the little one. Our first grand daughter is 16 months old but we only see her 4-5 times a year, being 4 hours away. They're about to buy their first home with an extra bedroom so that might change.

We are in the middle of replacing our kitchen. The room is empty now, except for a bright orange wallpaper which had been hidden behind one of the cupboards. The fridge is in the family room; the kettle is sitting precariously on the washing machine. All other surfaces are covered with kitchen paraphernalia. A friend has invited us over for the evening meal tonight, thank goodness. Hopefully the workmen are here tomorrow to start the remodelling.

Bee, hope the new computer works better for you and we can catch up on Skype soon.

All the best to everyone,
Fran in Oz

Checking in . . .

How odd.... I can only type in the body of a New Post if I choose the HTML format and not the regular "Compose" box in the upper left hand corner, right above this big box where I am typing. I hope this goes thru ... Rosey is right, I have big news. :-) Our granddaughter was born this past Thursday. Oh, my! It is hard to believe that babies arrive so tiny and fragile. It has been over 31 years since I've held a newborn and I was quite nervous to hold our grand-daughter this past weekend. My DH has taken to it like an old pro. He soothed the baby to sleep this evening, after we brought supper to the kids. I have dug out the Baltimore Bunnies quilt kit I bought a few years ago, and will finally start the appliqué on that. Odder yet, I wrote this post in paragraphs, with sufficiet breaks, but Blogger here has lumped it all into one ginormous paragaraph. Ugh... Something has changed with this web site but I don't know what it could be.