Friday, September 13, 2013

men and tools

Rosey, good luck with the wood, I saw a comment about men and power tools, no power for Harry , he nearly blew himself up with a screwdriver, imagine ....... he was crouched down wallpapering round a power switch when WHOOSH we actually saw a blue flame all round his head, oh dear or words something like that, and all he complained about was it had ruined the screwdriver !!!!This was a man who instilled safety to his staff in very strong words. This was not an isolated case, we used to go out when he was working around the house, there are so many tales about him it would fill a book or two. Doris, congratulations great fun make sure you have playtimes as much as possible, Our littlie is two on Monday and it doesn't look as though we will be getting anymore, she is such a hellion my DD says enough is enough. Sarah, have a wonderful trip , wish I was there. Hugs to all Bee in NZ.


At September 14, 2013 at 3:08 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Oh Bee, such humourous remarks, I chuckled as I read was almost as though Harry was destined to be...there has to be a name for it...can't think of it now. Himself is accident prone too, odd little happenings, the wood slipped the wrong way, rolled on him and barked his shins, always something...I know this will happen. I think it's because no forethought goes into what they are doing but they just live in the moment and sometimes the moment blows up on them.


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