Monday, September 9, 2013

Congratulations, Doris!! You sound as if you live quite close to the family so you will have lots of time with the little one. Our first grand daughter is 16 months old but we only see her 4-5 times a year, being 4 hours away. They're about to buy their first home with an extra bedroom so that might change.

We are in the middle of replacing our kitchen. The room is empty now, except for a bright orange wallpaper which had been hidden behind one of the cupboards. The fridge is in the family room; the kettle is sitting precariously on the washing machine. All other surfaces are covered with kitchen paraphernalia. A friend has invited us over for the evening meal tonight, thank goodness. Hopefully the workmen are here tomorrow to start the remodelling.

Bee, hope the new computer works better for you and we can catch up on Skype soon.

All the best to everyone,
Fran in Oz


At September 13, 2013 at 9:48 AM , Blogger Doris W. in TN said...

Fran - yes, we are very lucky that our son and DDIL moved to our area two years ago. They live 6.5 miles from us (10.5 km) so it is a 15 minute drive when when there is no rush hour traffic.

Our son has not been shy (LOL) about letting us know we will be doing some free babysitting for them. That's fine with us, as we don't do much on weekends, anyway.


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