Friday, August 16, 2013

checking in . . .

DH and I just got back from a nice, relaxing two-week vacation.  This has been the first real vacation we have had in, maybe, ever.    We take trips but they involve airports and sometimes flying over the ocean, lots of sight-seeing, foreign currency, etc. and while I would not trade those experiences for anything, they are not relaxing.

We put probably 1300 miles on my new car and were quite pleased with how it drove and rode.   We could also pack 2-weeks worth of clothing for golf, casual, evening and two bags of golf clubs, plus a large bag for my shoes (LOL).    We played golf almost every day, then returned to hotel to clean up and go sit on the hotel front porch to read, enjoy the afternoon, or just "veg" out.   It was wonderful!   Two of the three hotels had these lovely porches and rocking chairs, one also had regular porch seating as well.

So now all the laundry and ironing are done and I am back to the real world.

Sara in FL - Kathi raised some good points about the dogs in the cars and summer heat.   Even I had not thought of that, so it is good that you will leave them home.   I hope your trip is safe and wonderful.   Graceland is a great place to visit.   I rolled my eyes, before the first time I went.  I enjoyed it enough that I have been back two more times!   Keep expectations low and you'll be fine.   The house was not as tacky as I thought it would be, but the really impressive stuff is in the museum --- all the costumes and a bazillion gold records.  Oh my, I had no idea how many gold records Elvis had!


At August 16, 2013 at 3:47 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Doris-you spent 2 weeks on the road--where did you go?
DH met with spine ortho. dr. yesterday afternoon, I was there, but had to leave after 1 & 1/2 hr. wait, as had dinner & play arrangement with some GFs. It was just a consult/Dr. also said "go" and have a good time. Bike, golf, etc. just moderation.
We are thinking of Taos, NM as a place to spend a day or so. One GF who has traveled alot says it is an interesting place. Nothing written in stone yet, may have to skip Memphis. Am trying to get appt. with AAA person, but good grief, may have to do everything on line, as "real people help" isn't all that easy to get.
Sara in Fla. where our afternoon thunderstorms are starting.

At August 16, 2013 at 5:08 PM , Blogger Doris W. in TN said...

Sara - We spent several days at Pinehurst, NC, then went up to The Homestead in VA for a few days, then over the The Greenbrier in WV where DH had a convention to attend. We played a lot of golf. :-)


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