Thursday, August 1, 2013

thought the WWQP had gone away

Had a scare yesterday when I tried to get on board.  All I could get was "This Blog is no longer Available".  Thought my WW friends were gone.
Thankfully checked back today, and here you are!
LAVANA - you are right.  I thought the 2 dogs would put me over the edge, and finally spoke up.  If I go, the dogs stay here.  Still waiting on MRI results, the Dr. will not give us info until the 7th of Aug. when DH has 8:30 AM appt.  I will go with this time, as I don't trust DH to tell me everything.
Meanwhile, ice, PT is set up for next week.  The very expensive cream doesn't seem to do anything DH said.
More stress, we will both be 65 in a few months, trying to decide Medicare/medicare supliment insurance, is enough to put one 'round the bend.  Since DH's insurance is through Bank of America retirement we are forced to take a company I don't like until the end of 2013.  (hate their social policies, giving $$ to causes I don't approve of).  But, right now we are stuck with them.
Off to check the noon weather report to see if storms willl hit before GF and I can drive to guild meeting or not.
Sara in Florida


At August 2, 2013 at 3:15 AM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

You are so right about SS/Medicare. I think it could cause early death in people who are struggling to get it all set up right. Make sure you talk to friends who have been through it and get a SHIP (or whatever the assistance offered in your area is called) adviser or several opinions before you make your decisions. If you wait until the actual retirement age to retire(as my DH is doing now)you can get into some catch 22 situations when signing up for Parts A without B and D. We made extra effort to clarify everything with SS and still ended up in a mess. I am not prone to drama, but this has been a nightmare and may become costly as well.


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