Thursday, July 4, 2013

Firefighters donations

One link for donation to firefighters families is  it's an Arizona organization. There's a Prescott shop also raffling a quilt through August, .  The information is not on the website but came through in a newsletter this morning. I wasn't able to copy and paste, but Love It Again is on Facebook with a picture and ticket information other than where to send for a ticket.  I shared the picture there and the information, but it doesn't say where to send for the tickets, so I commented there.  Also, the TV stations here are carrying pages about the fires. (There's another fire as well)...  and up on the top click on "As seen on tv" there's a page dedicated to the firefighters.  It was mentioned in the newsletter I got that it is NOT correct that Salvation Army is collecting clothing for people.  To the best of my knowledge, so far it has been asked only for monetary donations.  If I find out more, will let you know.


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Thanks for this information!


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