Monday, June 24, 2013

This is me trying to cancel my Sirius XM Canada subscription

Three years ago I bought a new car.  It came with Sirius XM radio installed.  So, I tried it out.  It was free the first year.  The second year, I renewed only when they gave me a discount because I only listened to three stations, Willie's Roadhouse, among them, as Doris knows.  And so I became a devoted fan of Willie Nelson's Roadhouse station.  Now I love C & W music.  But I don't love Sirius XM Radio.  I am down to listening to one station.  $150 is not worth paying to listen to one station.  So, I sent a letter into Sirius XM Canada two weeks ago, cancelling my account.  Apparently this was no good.  Today, I received an automated call informing me that my account would be due June 29 and they would be putting the charge onto my credit card.  So I phoned Sirius XM Canada.  And I waited.  I waited for three quarters of an hour with my call in sequence.  I was informed repeatedly that my business was appreciated and that my call was important to them.  Three quarters of an hour later, Tyler picked the call up.  He pulled up my account.  I told him I wanted to cancel my account.  He said how about $100 per year, I said no.  He didn't hear me and kept on trying to tell me that I should not be cancelling my account...and oh by the way, he would wave the $40 cancellation fee for me as well...but would I.....I ended up yelling into the phone, pulling my hair out and told them I was cancelling my credit card if they didn't cancel my account.  To heck with Willie's Roadhouse.  I'll go out and buy some C&W CD's and be thankful that I'm finally out of the clutches of how Sirius XM chooses to run its business.  How did I get tangled up with them in the first place!  And I've now just had a call from John from Air Duct Cleaning Services....This must not be my lucky day,
Rosey, who is totally frustrated in Southern Ontario, Canada


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