Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July

For our USA people, have a happy, safe,blessed day on the 4th.
We will go to the beach, watch the beach fireworks, and have a few friends over for hot dogs , fresh corn, etc.  I'm making deviled eggs.
Also red-strawberries white-whipped cream, and blue-blueberries.  I have pound cake for others.
Home of  the free, because of the brave!
Sara in Fla.
P-S-book review--Charles Martin- local Jacksonville person has written several good books--The Dead Don't Dance his first was about his wife.  I finished Covered with Rain, and am now on When Crickets Cry.  The Rain book was set here, had some streets that I travel.  The mental hospital mentioned in it is a Retirement Home on the St. John's river nearby.  He mentioned a restaurant I have eaten at often!  All good reads, a Christian theme.  He has a few new ones, but I wanted to read the older ones first.


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