Saturday, December 8, 2007

An Early Sat morn.

Hello all,

There goes another week. Could I have a 'do over". It went so fast. Does any one else have that problem and have you found a solution to it?
Had a Quilting guild Christmas party this week and also one with the Red Hat group. Way too much food and we have another one to go to this evening. I had been wondering out loud to a few friends why all these events could not be spread over the months of Dec, Jan and Feb. Then every one go to all party's and events. This way you really have to pick and choose which one you have a chance to attend. LOL
I have a message to pass on, from Celia in NB. She and the family are fine and very busy. The new house is being built as we speak and they hope to be in some where around the end of Jan or the beginning of Feb. She also wanted to wish every one all the best of the Christmas season and a very happy new year to all. She does come to read the board @ times but is rather busy at other times. I am sure some of you who have had new homes build can empathize with her.
As for my life I better start to get the Christmas decoration out and up.Gifts are all bought and some are shipped, so am caught up with that. I need to bake today for the Christmas Cantata that happens on Sunday and the Children's Christmas party that happens on Wed. evening. So my day is planned for today , so I better get at it.
Have a great weekend.
It just started to snow here again. Right now we almost have more snow that we have had the last two winter put together.Go figure.
Later' Hugs to all

Friday, December 7, 2007


You, your sister and families will be in my thoughts!

Take good care of yourself,
Hugz, Mary in Oregon

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In absence of a prayer page

I would like to ask here that you keep my DSis in your thoughts and prayers as her cancer has returned after a 5 year absence. She is again going through treatments. Wish they would find a cure. Mom died from it 28 years ago. I thought there would surely be a cure by now.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I am back, too!

Great to see people coming back to say hello! It has inspired me to do the same.

I have just made a huge change in my life -- one that will be for the better once the dust settles. The elderly lady (98 years old) I have been looking after for the last five years went into a care home last week. I have had a staff of five plus public health workers caring for her in her home for the last couple of years, but the house was aging badly and most of the systems -- plumbing, wiring, the furnace, the roof -- needed immediate and expensive repairs. I have had her name on a waiting list for a year and a bed finally became available for her. She was pretty sure she did not want to move but happily she likes the new place and is settling in really well. I am thrilled! Now I have to empty her house and sell it in the next few months, but once that is done I will have my life back! I am already planning a trip to Europe for next summer!

The next time you hear me say that someone looks like they need my help please tie me to a chair until it passes! This little 'helping the neighbour' thing has turned into a full time and unpaid job that has gone on for years! (Some of you may remember the story of me hiring the bikers to get rid of the sociopathic con man who had moved onto the property and was trying to arrange an early death for the old lady...)

Anyway, soon I will be able to go back to sewing and gardening and doing my feral cat rescue work -- actually going back to being the retired person I started out to be a few years back! This is very exciting!

I have been working hard at raising money for my cat rescue group, with a satisfying amount of success. We are almost solvent these days! LOL Last year I did a calendar, using photos of some of our foster kitties and it sold well enough that I did another one this year. I just picked up 100 copies from the printer and my friend and I will bind them later in the week and get them out into the community for sale. I will love to have more time for this sort of thing.

And Christmas sewing -- I won't get much done *again* this year, but I do have one project for the grand children. I am making each of them pillowcases out of Cuddle-luscious fabric with satin hems, using bright colours to go with their rooms. My beloved granddaughter gets her favourite lime green with real silk satin for the hem... doesn't that sound decadent!

In celebration of my approaching emancipation I have joined a weekly sewing group and am still making most of the meetings of the design group I joined last year. I am hoping to be able to get the sewing done for the challenge project for that group -- maybe after Christmas...

Jean at Mill Bay, getting ready to head for a bath and bed...

It's been such a long time...

...but I finally made it back in! I owe everyone I know email so if you're one of them, it's not that I'm mad or anything.

I did get back to the thyroid specialist, and you wouldn't believe it was the same person! It turns out I DO have a thyroid problem which isn't going to go away. Hashimoto's, which basically means that my immune system is slowly shredding my thyroid. They doubled the dosage and it does help but I can't have another check until March or so. I am better but I do think they'll end up increasing it some more. However I *am* capable of sleeping at night! It turns out that the insomnia, the panic attacks, and the worst of the agoraphobia were all thyroid-related. To be able to lie down, close my eyes and sleep! Like a regular person!

So far I've only lost a pound but that's better than a gain. I had re-gained over half of the weight I had lost, and I was getting depressed about it. Now, having cut my hair, I've got rid of most of the damage (also thyroid-caused) and it's growing like mad, as are my nails, which are stronger than I've ever had before.

I hope to go to a nutritionist in the new year and get some diet advice. The ones on the NHS are so overloaded they only see urgent cases like diabetics, cancer patients and that--not lowly me with a manageable problem, so I'll have to pay. Anyone with any good info on lowthyroid and diet please post in the comments.

So I've been running around for a month playing catchup, I do have more energy but being able to rise at 7.30 AM does mean my lights go off at about 10, and since I'm still tutoring--I'm still behind! So when I sit down at the computer of an evening I'm not always coherent enough to compose email.

We also hope to get the bathroom redone this year! It's the original, in a 35 yr old building, and if anna has anything to do with it we are gonna basically rip the whole thing out and start over at the brick. No luxury, but that mouldy plaster has to go. That and a new wardrobe. Fortunately DH did have a small (very) retirement account--small because like some men who believe they are immortal, he didn't even think about it till he was well over 40.

I have the honour of giving the last talk of the year at my church, and I'm speaking on "The Christian life as a quilt." Of course I am taking one in as an illustration. I'll have to drape it over the pulpit, if I put it on the Communion table a couple of the "oldest inhabitants" will probably have conniptions. When I get the talk translated into English, anyone interested can see it.

Speaking of quilts (what else?) I've just seen "How to Make An American Quilt" for the first and last time. Meh. Not bad but not particularly good, either. And the poor quilt was certainly not the star. I had hoped for something more like "Steel Magnolias" with quilting. I'm glad I didn't pay to see it, or buy it. Yawn. Good actors--script, not so much. I hope the book was better.

Cold but dry weather here...we had one day of torrential rain 2 weeks ago and that's it. Static electricity that has to be seen to be believed. I can't believe I am reduced to using styling mousse!

Well ladies, take care. I'll be around some more
anna in spain


Monday, December 3, 2007

Hello from snowy Vermont

It's been ages since I've checked in, so I thought I'd let you all know I'm still alive. (Now half of you are probably wondering: who is this?) I told you it's been ages! Busy as usual here in Vermont. I'm home schooling youngest DS this year (trying to work on focus and some behavior issues--sigh) while trying to help oldest DS on the weekends with the house he just bought--his first! Very exciting, but a LOT of work. I've wallpapered four rooms and there is still one more and a hall and stairs to go. Oh, my aching back!

Quilt-wise, I have begun a log cabin quilt, king-sized, for a June wedding present for my niece. I hope that line will keep me going on it, as I have several other projects that I should be finishing but I'm putting aside for this one. She is my sister's only daughter, and I made a wedding quilt for sister's only son, so this is the last for a while.

Today is a snow day, as we woke up to about 6" and it is supposed to snow all day and all night as well. I think every school in the state was closed, so of course DS expected a snow day as well. Okay by me; I have wrapping and decorating to do, as well as that quilt. A snow day is supposed to be a relaxing break, so why am I so tired???!! Ah well, DS and DD are really enjoying there day out in the snow. Me, I'll watch it from inside!

Stay safe, all,

Protecting Precious (& other dogs)

Grace, this is a serious problem, one that a friend experienced in walking her two shelties in the Mono Cliffs Park not far from her home here in the country some years ago. Her female was attacked badly. The attack dog was running loose, which is allowed in the park, I believe. The owner was with the dog but not close enough to stop the attack. My friend's dog was injured as well. With Geordie's accident, fortunately I was there and the owner of the two Alaskan Sled dogs was nearby and hauled her two dogs off Geordie, otherwise, I think he would have been dead. I will never forget the trauma of it; Geordie has no memory of it other than he began to pick fights with dogs after that experience where he would never have done so before. He was feeling defensive and his fear came through as this.

I don't know what anyone can do in protecting an animal from other's aggressive behaviour. I might think of looking into carrying a can of Mace or something like that. I'm wondering if discussing this with your vet might provide information of how you can offer protection for your pet. Short of that, I'd be carrying a big stick and let others know that if their dogs are running loose and become aggressive with your dog, you will take measures to protect your dog and yourself which may cause injury to their animals even though it might be in self-defence.
Wonder if anyone else has any suggestions. It's a problem that country dwellers deal with more than city folks because less restrictions occur in the country and dogs roam more freely here.

Weather report: awful. Snowstorms brought six inches of snow Sat. overnight and rain all day yesterday; this morning, which is still dark outside, is ice. A good day to stay home but not sure I will be doing this. Will listen for school bus cancellations. This means that the sanders are not out as quickly as they might...and yes, just bus cancellations in Dufferin County...that's us.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday morning

Hello from a very snowy Ottawa Valley. It is really snowy here this morning. Just looked out the window and could barely see the road. DS who drive a snowplow and keeps the roads clean has hardly been home this week and it looks like he will have another long week ahead. Hope it clears a little bit as the is a really neat Christmas tea @ the museum today and I would like to go.
Rosey, Precious seems to be doing okay. We are taking her back to the vet later this week as there seems to be an abscess in one spot. Maybe the drain did not work the way it should have. Will have it checked out to see what happens with that. She seems to be more aggressive and timid at the same time now. She sure has figured out how to use us though. We get more treats if I act like I am hurting. Man they are so much like little kids.. She looks a DH when he is sitting in his chair and sure , "Okay come on then" in his lap she is. Now if I can just get over the fear of taking her out. I check all the window to see if there is not something around before I go out with her. The sound of her when the big dog had keeps reverberating in my head. definitely another experience.
Well time for another coffee and a shower.
Have a great Sunday everyone and for those who already past it I hope it was a wonderful day