Saturday, July 25, 2009


SARAH, I feel your pain. Please make your peace before you DD and family take off. Whatever the bone or bones of contention, set them aside and if they do decide to make the change at least pretend to accept it in good grace. Take the initiative in the peace making or run the risk of them being even more inclined to get out of town. I know from personal experience when Al & I left Michigan. His Mom made her feelings well known about what we were doing "to her" which made us even more anxious to make the change.

I've driven across ND back in '59 when Al had a TDY at Boeing. He'd been there most of the spring and when the school year was over (I was teaching and pregnant with DD#1) he returned to pick me up and we headed out in our '57 VW. We were on US 2 most of the way and it would have been fun but he was under some time pressure. The intestate system was in its infancy and there was nothing other than rt. 2 to take us across the country quite closs to the Canadian border. We found the endless prairie of ND almost maddening. As another Bendix wife said to me in Seattle, "There isn't even a rock to hide behind to pee". I'm sure the intervening 50 years has made a big difference in pee stops at the very least. It will be an interesting adventure for them. Yes, they will freeze their FL fannies off. Don't forget the serious socks. Make some chenille scarves too. Encourage the kids to take up cross country skiing and hockey. The kids might well adapt much faster than the parents.

Re; athletics, Ever since the big race my ailing foot is far worse for the wear. I was unaware of it at the time but I've lost a lot of ground since. I have to wait until 8/31 to see the surgeon. I think doing that event on concrete is the culprit. Unfortunately, after a search this morning, I have been unable to find the prescribed super brace. I will call doc's office Monday and ask them either to make an appt. for me with the PA or, better yet, whenever they have a cancellation.

Limping in NC, Jane

Friday, July 24, 2009

Moving far away

Sara, I would be heartbroken if my daughter and three grands moved that far away. Do you feel that way too? She couldn't get farther away than if she moved to Alaska. I guess the best thing to knit is thrum mittens. Do you know about them? You might be able to source them out on the internet. We have an alpaca event close by twice a year and they sell those mittens there. They are knitted mittens but with fleeces of wool knitted inside. They are very warm. Mind you, if your daughter isn't into handwashing mittens, they might be a bust. They are pure wool but pure wool is warm; synthetic wools are not. Thermal vests for the kids might be a good idea too and warm housecoats is a good idea too. Lands End have good winter clothing for kids in their catalogues. They are into summer stuff but the fall and winter clothing won't be far behind. Raincoats, too, would be good, with rubber boots, winter boots too.

We have truly had four days of summer here in southern Ontario so far. The weather is not unpleasant. It's just not that warm. At least we can leave the windows open and I love the fresh country air coming into the house.

My kids are an hour each way from us here in the country. We are at 12 o'clock, one is at 5 o'clock, another 7, another 11 by the clock in east/west/southerly fashion. We are north at 12. The spoke in the wheel, so to speak.


Friday AM

Hi all:
Decided to watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" last night. Got it for 5 days from Blockbuster video. It is a "southern" chic flic for those not in the U.S. I forgot there were some sad parts, and cried at the end. My poor left eye is now swollen and hurting. I guess crying isn't good for post-eye surgery.
I'm hoping to go to DD's house today to fit a bathrobe pattern to boys. She is thinking (along with DSIL) of moving to the Canada border, in N.D. We haven't been on the best of terms in the last months, but I figured the boys need bathrobes whether they stay or go.
Rosie-and any other Canadians--please advise what else I could be making other than robes. Hats, Mittens? The obvious is quilts, but they have them. I don't knot, but could make some polar fleece scarves.
They will know in about 2 weeks if they are going or not.
Going to eat my Cherioos.
Hope the eye will get better soon. Good vibes and prayers are welcome.
Sara in Fla.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jane's Gold!

Jane, your my hero!!!!!! I'm so pleased for you! GO GO GO JANE!
You must be so proud after all you have been thru.
I have been such a bad walker since I stopped walking Dyna. She just can't do it. We do lift her in the car once a week & take her to her favorite running trail. We call her the River Dancer, she has this comical stiff gate with her elbows & knees totally stiff.

I loved my cyber trips to Hawaii & NZ, thanks ladies!
I have been to a 3 quilts shows & I wanted to post my pictures.....

I'm hoping they will provide me some motivation. I also rejoined the Quilt Show, they were offering $10 off & we recently increased our internet speed enouggh to enjoy the shows. I miss Simply Quilts so much & these shows are pretty cool.
Off to the washing machine, SY All, Jill

Congrats, Jane, as well

Good on you, Jane...imagine undertaking a jaunt like that after your accident and knee operations. It must have felt good for you to do this for yourself. And how is Shadow?

Marion, it does indeed seem to be a strange juxtaposition between picking olives and having your grandchildren play in the mountain snow all at the same time. I will have more respect for olives now when I eat them thinking of the labour involved...also the chemical sprays that seem to be part of our daily diets these days. Wonder if the brine kills the chemical residues.

Rainy day here in southern Ontario, more weeds, my garden is overflowing with them. I always wait until the mosquitoes pass in intensity before weeding again and I'm always surprised to find out what is actually in the garden when the weeds come out. Flowers. Imagine that.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now...if only I could remember how I did this....

Here they are enjoying the snow ! Mr 10yr old on the left, Mr 12yr old in the middle and Miss 13 (and a half..)yr old on the right. The middle one is (quite correctly) anticiating snow down his neck, courtesy of his sister !
This photo was taken at a lakeside, this side of the Alps, just an hour from home.
Marion. (who promises not to post again for awhile !)

back again....

Back home, after an exhausting day picking and sorting olives with a neighbour. You might well wonder at such an activity in NZ's mid winter ! It sounds so Mediterranean doesn't it ? At least the sun was out today, even though the wind was cold coming off the snow covered alps ! Olives were planted around here as a means of subdividing the land (supposedly providing and "economic income" for people who wanted to live on ten acres in the country. ) Our friends have tried so hard to make it work. Spraying, irrigating, pruning and picking. A lot of work. The frosts always come in time to spoil any harvest. This year the trees are bigger and have provided some protection from the frosts.. Today we picked the last of them and then spent all afternoon sorting them through, to remove any frost damaged fruit ! Talk about "labour intensive "!!! Fortunately , we all enjoy each other's company and sitting in the sun, in the middle of a cold wet winter, can't be a bad way to spend the day !

Nice to hear from you Bee. I often wonder about you, up there in Auckland. The Volvo sailor is the son of my elder sister. He has just finished his fifth Volvo, I hope it will be his last. It isn't without risk and he now has a son of his own and another baby expected next month, it's time he settled down ! This time the race took them to India and China, a new route and interesting sailing but we were sorry that they didn't come down to NZ. I saw my nephew when I was in England. After 40days on the boat from China, he got straight on a plane when they landed in Sth America for a stopover. He hoped to see his aunt before she died but unfortunately didn't make it in time. The rest of us were very pleased to see him though , especially his two year old son.

I seem to have lost the ability to post photos on this page ! I had some nice ones of the DGC in the snow. I might try again tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.

Well done Jane !

A well deserved gold medal ! Can you tell that we are all proud of you ! What an effort and what determination ! Wish I could say "and inspiration" but this very day I am avoiding a 16km walk in order to help a neighbour and, it has to be said, it is no great sacrifice...

The DD and the grands have returned home and my DD is in bed with the flu . They seem to be managing but it does malke me wish we lived nearer..

Cold wind here today but at least the sun is shining.

Time to go, more later.

Jane in NC!

I'm very proud of you. Congratulations on your gold medal especially because you entered and actually walked that race! I hope I am able to do so when I'm your age.

I'm also dealing with some nasty hip arthritis right now, Jane, so I can commiserate. And I'm a little younger than you. Mine comes & goes over the years, and it's come back with a vengeance right now. Argh! I'm weaning off my sugar addiction (for the umpteenth time,) as that usually triggers a nasty bout.

I'll bet your kids are proud of you for entering the race. :-)

Hugs to everyone,

This & that

JANE-congratulation! I'm so proud of you. You know how I feel after run/walking a race. The water stations are mostly gone, and the "runners" have gone home. It is a great feeling to finish. Just think, you are the only one in your age group, in your area, to complete this! The pains will go away soon.
I had unexpected eye surgery yesterday. Had some floaters in the left eye, more like worms crawling around. Seems I have a torn retina in 3 places. It is red and qui
te painful. I can't read, quilt, exercise, or do much for 1 week. So glad I went to the Dr. and we have good insurance. I only paid the $25.00 deductable for the surgery.

Maui- Ahh. Sounds like heaven to me.

There were other comments, but my brain is in a fog right now.
Going to watch movies and iron (oh, joy) while the eye heals.
Sara in Fla.

Wonderful Vacation

For our vacation this year we decided to get our children and grandchildren together for our 40th anniversary celebration. There's only a dozen of us. We spent a week together in Maui and it was ideal for everyone. The kids and grands (8 weeks - 9 years old) had never been. They were awestruck as I have been each of the two times I have visited. We had 3 cottages and shared duties and cost for the evening meal each day. They enjoyed the sun, sand, surf, snorkeling and sightseeing and I spent a little time boosting the economy - fabric and clothes! I think the neutral (and lovely) setting saved wear and tear on everyones nerves, plus the novelty of it all. Though DGS was "bored" enough to watch TV in between activities!

We took everyone to dinner one evening for the "celebration" and included my niece and her family. Her wedding was the reason for our first visit! This niece is the youngest DD of my sister who passed in March so she appreciated the visit with extended family and her daughter is the same age as one of my grands. It was a win/win for everyone and the economy. I will dream of the day when I can return.

I am now avidly pursuing with great pleasure my quilting. Who could ask for anything more in this lovely Iowa summer.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

AQS show and stuff

Is anyone going to be at the AQS show in Knoxville next Saturday? I've signed up to ride a bus with others from the guild here in Huntsville. We're leaving at 5:00 AM and won't be back until after midnight.
I spent last week taking photos for Vacation Bible School at church. The kids seemed to be having a great time, and some of the photos are really cute. They've added "science" to the activities, as well as music, crafts, and games. I don't remember the science being part of it before, but I haven't been able to help with VBS for years because I was always teaching summer school.
My nephew (from Virginia) has been in town since Friday with the Auburn U. Wesley Foundation mission group, working with the youth at a local church. After visiting the church, I took him to lunch. I have to laugh; he wanted "real" food. The group has been doing this work all summer, all over Alabama and Georgia, and each church has been feeding them "kid food." He's eaten a lot of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza.
I picked up my box of apple core charms to take with me on the bus Saturday. I'm sewing two charms, right sides together, on the sewing machine, turning them, and setting them aside. I'll iron a stack of them before Saturday. I plan to baste them together on the bus. It should make a sturdy summer coverlet after I machine zig zag the basted pieces.


At weight watchers several months ago (during which I lost just a few pounds which I've managed to regain and then some in the past two weeks) a WW challenge was discussed and many of us signed up to prepare for and participate in a 5k walk/run in our area this month. Well, never one to pass up a challenge I signed up and I was one among many. Well, yesterday was the big day and one of the staff ladies and I were the only ones to show up as far as I know. I'd been doing my walking up and down challenging grades so had no idea if I could finish the whole 5k on a route which, for these parts, was quite gentle but on concrete unfortunately. I finished, probably 20 or more minutes behind the next to last. Couldn't begin to maintain the pace of the other lagers and then had to cross the road and walk a bit to a convenience store to use the restroom. By the time I got close to the finish some of the direction signs along with the kindly helpers were gone and I was left with what was possibly the worst map I've ever seen so took a detour on a right turn the should have been left. No water, apparently the water station closed up before I got there. The crowd was well started on the awards ceremony when I crossed the finish line seen only by the lady with a baby on her hip who was the time keeper. I told her I didn't want to hear my time. I was very dry and headed for water when she checked her computer that was hooked up to a sensor and when I returned she said that since I was the ONLY entrant in the women's 70-74 year old category I won a gold medal. Sooo, rather than head out for home I waited until my name was announced. The announcer very discreetly did not announce my time. I came home with a "gold" medal. Had a lot of laughs with total strangers and met a quilter visiting from England. A lot of people congratulated me for doing it at all. There was an 86 year old man who won his age group with a time of 29 minutes plus some change. I was somewhat embarrassed but did tell some folks that it was fun and that I'd spent a total of five months in wheel chairs in '08. I felt great when I got home and this morning can barely walk across a room. It's primarily the arthritic hips that are complaining most. I am beginning to suspect that if I live long enough they may be the next artificial part I'll need.

Anyway, hang in there ladies and get out there and move! Now to get back to the eating program. I was so successful two years ago.

LAVINIA, will you be coming down to the Asheville show August 7-9? Anybody else for that matter?