Thursday, August 28, 2008


Nice to see some posts on the BB. It's been quiet lately. I posted some photos on the other page this morning. It took over half an hour. We can't get Broadband here ..

Big drama in Scotland this week. DD and family are due to move to Hong Kong this week. DD is a very organised sort of young woman and she seemed to be sailing though all the difficulties of packing up part of the house, preparing to leave three children at Boarding School in Scotland, preparing to start the 5yr old at school in HK . Keeping her DH calm as he faces a change of direction etc etc... All was going well, until they realized that the passports were in the writing desk which was in a container...... Lots of phone calls about getting emergency passports , tracking down the container etc. Eventually solved by finding and unpacking the container (which was in Liverpool about to board..), finding the desk and finding the passports !! Phew.

DSIL leaves UK today. DD has to return the three eldest to school next week then she will fly out to HK with the youngest and start him at school. They have lived in HK before and they have quite a few contacts among the expat community so it won't be too difficult for them but it will be a huge change after six years in rural Scotland..

Still cold and wet here. Spring starts on Sept 1st but I'm not too optimistic about any change in the weather ! The garden is slow but there are some signs of colour and movement out there . A few sunny days would change everything.

Time to go.

It has been a long time!

I finally got connected to the new board. I have thought of all of my "friends" that I had here on the bb chat page.

All is well with me. I will write more later. It is late and I need to go to bed.
Dot in ORegon

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trying pics again

Will try the pictures another way to see if they work

Bill & Rosie's Quilt



Reserve Grand Champion Quilt

Our county fair was a few weeks ago. Just wanted to share that I received Reserve Grand Champion on one of the quilts I entered.

I saw this pattern in a magazine, and decided it would be the one I would make for my DB & DSIL who were celebrating their 40th anniversary. Due to many other things going on, I was pressed for time. I started the quilt on July 4th, and gave it to them on Aug. 2nd. Needless to say I did nothing but work on the quilt. I do believe I am half crazy for putting myself through this! I do love the way it turned out -- even if I don't care for green -- that's the color of their bedroom.

Here's also a pic of the back of the quilt to show the insane amount of quilting I did on it.
Don't know if the pictures are going to show.