Monday, June 17, 2013

I don't do well with "Frustration"

Have some pictures on my I-phone that I have been trying to put on I-pad, and facebook, but they don't want to play nice.
We had a great time in Crystal River Fla. mainly went for wedding, but did kayaking on Sat. morning   between the showers.  It had been over 1 yr. since we were in the kayaks.  Then we had a pick-up truck to put them in, but now we have to put the "J" racks on the car, the lift them onto their own rack.  Wow!  Either I'm going to have to buy a lighter kayak, of do some major weight lifting.  Good thing DH is tall and stronger than me.
Have been looking for an excuse to "upgrade" to a sleeker, lighter (and I'm sure more $$) kayak, so maybe it could be a birthday gift in October?  Anyone out there have a sleek, light-weight one you want to give me your 2cents on?
The wedding was beautiful.  Hot, but beautiful.  Why anyone would want to get married in the hot sun (with no shade trees) in June in Fla. is beyond me.  Lovely setting where the river and creeks met, and thankfully we were only outside about 30 min.  The reception was in the A/C of the hotel banquet room.  The youngest daughter of friends here.  She is getting her master's degree in Ped. nursing at the Univ. of Fla. in Gainesville, their colors are blue and orange.  It was a blue and orange wedding.  Prettier than it sounds.  Bridemaids had on strapless long blue dresses, and carried some type of orange flowers.
The prize for the relatives traveling the farthest distance would go to the MOB's aunt, husband and 22 yr. old son who came from Kona, Hawaii.  They spent a week in N.Y. before arriving, so got to have some tourist fun, and get used to the time change.
Too tired to write more.  Rough morning with Mom in nursing home.
Sara in Fla.