Tuesday, June 10, 2014

For Fran in So. Oz

Yes, a 3/2 is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house/condo, whatever.  If a house has  what is called a 1/2 bath it is a toilet and sink, sometimes known as a "powder room".
It was good to get a quick buyer for our little condo, but now we are finding the things we thought we could afford have gone up in price.  Selling high is good.  buying high is not.
Going to a wedding this weekend in Melbourne Beach, Fla.  The daughter of my best friend in West Palm Beach, Fla.  The girl's father, GF's husband,  died of skin cancer about 12-13 years ago.  The girl is 36, the groom is 39, and they are having an outdoor wedding in a park.  Last year DH & I went to an outdoor wedding in June and he said "never again".  At least this is in the evening, and there is a "Rain plan" for where the reception will be.  You can never count on the weather in Fla. in the afternoons & evenings.
So, busy, busy.  We had 2 moving estimates to move the furniture from the condo to 1/2 to the house, 1/2 to storage.  Going with the one who moved my DH's business 2 years ago, about $200 cheaper.  Closing is July 1, moving July 2.
Sara in Fla. who is now sitting on the balcony watching people walk in the surf, and should be doing the dinner dishes.