Friday, July 25, 2014

The perfect Solution for Telemarketers

Just had a call (Private Name came up on the call display...sneaky)...and I hear....may I please speak to the homeowner.  I say that I am the housekeeper (which is true) and he says:  may I speak to the homeowner?  I tell him that they are too drunk to come to the phone.  Silence.  Then click.  One time I had a young man, poor fellow, who was sympathetic to my did I manage to work for people like that, he asked.  Are they drunk all the time?  Yes, I said, but it's not too bad a job, they pay me well.  Oh, said the young man.  And we hung up.

The 'too drunk to come to the phone' is a line himself uses.  I can't lay claim to thinking it up myself it but it sure works well when telemarketers sort of ends things right there...Maybe they know I'm putting them on, what do you think....(smile)...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Checking in . . .

JILL - Thank you for the photos from the Sisters quilt show.  Great pic of you and Mary, too. All the quilts are beautiful, and it looks like it was a beautiful day full of sunshine and good weather, too.

Oh, and Jill, my iPad mini arrived quickly and I am really enjoying it.   It is leaps and bounds better for email and internet use than my Kindle Fire HD.   I got the WiFi only version, as I don't need 3G and paying $20/mo for it.   Sound quality (for music) is slightly better on the Kindle Fire, but email and internet browsing is what I really use a tablet for.

ROSEY P - I love your new curtains! They are so light and airy, and very Swedish-looking.   They would bring joy to any room I am in. 
 And of course, there is an ad at the top of the BBChat page for Gudrun Söjen.  LOL

SARA - I hope you're having a nice visit to San Francisco.   I've never been there.   DH has, and he enjoyed the tour of Alcatraz.

We had a break from the heat, over July 4th weekend, and it's been horribly humid and hot here ever since.   Really, though, it has not been a hot summer as far as temperatures go.   I'm ready for autumn, though.   I am finding that the older I get, the less I am able to survive the humidity + high temps outdoors.

Hugs to everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


"Tuss" organic cotton ironing board cover


"Krokus" organic cotton curtains

When the light filters through the airy "Krokus" voile curtains, the room seems almost to shimmer. Natty ties make them easy to hang and create a charming expression.
Sizes: 41¼ x 59"
Item number 39300
  • Price $ 45
  • (customs duties included)
Under Homewares/2014 Summer
Page 3

Monday, July 21, 2014


Has anyone tried the link at the bottom that says "join this feed"
Is it possible that Eric doesn't moderate any longer because you don't need to ask to join.
I don't really want to mess with it myself since I'm able to use the site
Blogger is run by Google? Maybe it has all changed?
Does anyone know anyone who has a blogger blog?
Maybe they would know?

The other Yahoo group is still around but is hardly ever used.

Sisters Quilt show

Here are my pictures from Sisters this year.
Loved meeting up with Mary and we are making some
plans for a future get together.

to the right of the album you will see some tools, the 1st one is a little rectangular frame with
a small arrow inside, if you hit it it will bring up a wonderful slideshow, hit "allow" when it asks
if you want it . I am really loving Flickr. It's a  great way to share pictures.