Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday early

Waking up early with a reminder of last night's supper out with friend Virginia to celebrate birthdays we thought we'd never reach but others would as being young forever and aging would be something that happens to other people, not ourselves.....morning came early with the pool gurgling for lack of water being below the skimmer (water is now going in via the garden hose); the sky is lightening up so that the trees are darkly etched against the background of a gunmetal grey sky. Last night when I came home from the restaurant in the valley, I walked Hope off-leash ( as she is the best dog for obedience and totally reliable not to chase after anything) and Miss Annie who is totally unreliable at 7 mos. Annie was on a soft choke collar leash as she bolts after anything that moves. Walking beyond the house through the trees to this place on the back lawn, I heard the whoosh that deer make when startled. Three yearlings standing by the forest at the back, foraging. Annie stood up on her hind legs and held the stance at the end of the leash (thankfully she was leashed) as all three deer tails flipped up to expose the whites on their under parts as they scooted off into the forest. Annie dropped her alert stance (I was impressed at her balance on two back legs) as I repeated "no Annie, no Annie". Will this training make any difference when she sees the horses going into the next door's field as the property has been sold for a horse operation? No. And this is causing great concern on my part as our eldest Aussie, Geordie, chased and was kicked by horses in the fields next to us years ago. He was lucky to survive. Australian Shepherds do what comes naturally...they are herding dogs. Horses are dangerous and not to be herded.

Sara, I really posted to say that I hope you enjoy your trip north and hope you'll post about your adventures of flying into Canada and Winnipeg and then on down to North Dakota. Heather would relate to this having lived north of Winnepeg for several years in Thompson, Manitoba.

And so the day begins. A hair cut is on the agenda. About time, too. I look like a fuzzy white haired lady at the moment.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Winnipeg instead of Quebec

Being flexible is important to staying married. We were planing to start driving tomorrow on our 2 week vacation to N.D. Now that plan has gotten the ax and we are going to fly next week.
DH decided there is just too much going on and he is too stressed to take 2 weeks off.
So, we are flying to Winnipeg, Canada and renting a car and driving south to DD's house.
The drive time is the same from Fargo, Minot, and Winnipeg. Each is 3 hrs.
This way we can just leave from our home town, have a brief lay over in Chicago, and go to Winnipeg. Hopefully there won't be a plan #4.
Thankfully I have kept the passports up to date. (Thank you Fly-Lady).
Going to a furniture auction this afternoon. A local up scale store in folding, and everything is being auctioned off. We were there several months ago, wanted to buy a leather sofa and love seat, but the salesman wouldn't flex much. Now it is for sale to the highest bidder. Will see if anything happens. We have storage room at DH's work area.
--for future condo--
Sara in Fla. where it is hot and sunny