Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bluebells ...

A pretty corner of the garden... and a reminder of my childhood.  My favourite Aunt lived in a cottage in the woods , in the spring it had a carpet of bluebells and was just such a wonderland for my sisters and I to enjoy.  We used to pick bluebells to take home for our mother.  These few bluebells remind me of some very happy days.. Two few to pick but enough for me to enjoy.

Monday, October 19, 2015


I'm having trouble with the keyboard today . Sometimes it is so simple, today it is offering me all sorts of alternatives and Im not sure which one to take..  Just thought it was worth trying to post this photo Every year I am taken by the beauty of this tree and every year I have to take photos of it !  I have probably posted one before...    We are still experiencing unsettled spring weather , strong winds and chilly days with the occasional lovely day , when all seems well in the world...
We have our property on the market after years of talking about it.  No interest so far but it's early days yet and we are in no hurry to move off.  Other than that , life is ticking by, another birthday recently reminded me of that !

Marion .

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Nor'Easter is on it's way

High winds, high surf right now.  The palm trees are making a "swooshing" noise outside.  It's supposed to drop 10 degrees tonight and get windier.
Hopefully, the kitchen wall is getting taken down completely on Wed.  I will have to wrap things in plastic--the couch, chairs, etc.  Then we will have an island where a wall was, and it will be open to the living area.
The next week the cabinets should arrive.  After that we hope to take about 4 days to go see our daughter in S. C. and be tourists for a few days and relax.  We will take the puppy with us.  She has been sick with an upset tummy, so we went to the new vet. on Friday afternoon.  $$$ later and 2 perscriptions later she is feeling better.  She has been very calm and is doing OK without her sister after the first 2 days of being lonely.
I've been doing a few walks on the beach in the morning, about 7:30AM.  Trying to work up from 2 miles to 3.
Fall is here, broke out the jeans, and lightweight jackets.
Sara in Fla.