Friday, January 3, 2014

Sun finally out! Windy

Burrrrr! Heavy rain yesterday, almost 2 in. at my house. Finally the gray, gloomy skies cleared today, it was 30 when I got up. Up to about 45 now. Very windy! We were going to the beach today, but will wait to go on Sat. AM. My eye Dr. appt. is at Mayo, and they are very close so only about a 10-15 min. drive on Monday AM, instead of 45 min. from here. I am trying to make arrangements to present a Quilt of Valor to a man in Starke, Fla. hopefully on next Thursday. Another quilter will go there with me to keep me company on the drive. It is about 45 min. one way. Did an hour of quilting this morning. One last bin of stuff to put in the attic. DH is off today, and is going through his desk throwing out stuff, getting canceled checks, etc. I think we will go out to see "The secret life of Walter Mitty" later this afternoon. We stayed up and watched football last night--Alabama vs. Oklahoma. I fell asleep about 10:30, he stayed up until mindnight, Oklahoma won. It was a very fast game, lots of turnovers, and exciting. His college roommate is flying out to California tomorrow to see the Fla. State vs. Auburn game on Monday evening. $1700.00 for 2 tickets. He is taking his nephew with him. He says it's a once in a lifetime thing, so--what the heck, go have fun. OK,can't think of anything else going on here. We are doing the pro/con list of reasons for and against moving to the beach full time. So far we have 10 for each column! Sara in Florida

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paragraphs in our posts here to make them

I see that Marion in NZ and heather have true paragraphs in their posts.

The rest of us ... none. How do y'all do that?

Checking in.....

The font looks ... different ... as I compose this, so who knows how it will appear once I try to post it. I've been keeping up with reading the posts, just have not had time to make one until now. I hope everyone had a nice Xmas and will have a very good 2014. This was our first Xmas with our granddaughter. She is too young to understand what was going on, but she held up nicely through all the festivities, and crashed & burned at night. Bless her heart, at 16 weeks old, one can expect that.

We watched (on TV) the NHL Winter Classic hockey game in Michigan today. It was fun to see hockey played the old-fashioned way!

 DH and DS are headed to the BCS bowl game this weekend. Boys road trip! LOL

And one of my sisters and her husband are headed "down under". They got a great last-minute end-of-year special on a cruise, so next week they fly to New Zealand and will cruise around there an Australia. I do not know which ports they will visit, but they've wanted to check Down Under off their travel bucket list. DONE!

 Last night (new year's eve) we went with some friends to see "Saving Mr. Banks." That was an interesting movie, as I did not know the story behind getting it from book to film. We went to dinner afterwards, and were all home by 9:15 p.m. Ah, the joys of our age and being so over the late night partying. LOL! Hugs and happy new year 2014 wishes to everyone!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A B&B guest??

From one end of the weather spectrum to the other...snow and ice, water and sun...maybe I should put this on my B&B website as one of our hairier guests...This just came in from DH's son's partner.  They are vacationing in Costa Rica.

Look closely.  This was just sent in from a neighbour around the corner.  Her back field abuts our neighbour's next door.  Taken at dusk, it is a buck with large antlers.  And snow.  You can imagine how pretty it is other than you can imagine how cold it is.  The ice and snow on the deciduous trees is slowly melting although tomorrow it's to go down to 5F so no further melting will occur.  Today, a doe was close up to the house and another doe went sliding past the swimming pool which has a large pine branch lying across the cover.  There are many without power in Toronto still.  We've been without power for 2 1/2 days but other than that, it's on now, and we have B&B guests so I'm hoping it will continue to stay on.  We can't flush the toilets without power for the well pump.  In weather like this I keep a bathtub full of water and pails in the bathroom for power outages.   Patience is required in all things dealing with weather like this.