Wednesday, December 19, 2012

After much standing on my head, am able to post

Good Wednesday afternoon;
I am unable to get here on the I-pad, but the desktop with "google" will let me on.
Have mailed out my 3 cards this year, to Mom's other grandchildren, with checks to them from her.  Otherwise, I just couldn't bring myself to write out a letter, etc.  With 3 deaths in 12 months, my Mom going into nursing home, nothing was very "upbeat" to write about.
I have made her some adult bibs, bought 1 nightgown, and that will be her present.  The children & grands are coming here in a van that we rented for them, gas, food, etc. so that is their present.
I just got a message on the machine that SIL's parents will host the Christmas day dinner at 4PM.  I am to bring deserts.  Will make at least 1 pie I can eat, and buy a few things.  (They had to decide, my home, althoug very nice, is not big enough for 15 people to have dinner.
DH and I and 1 couple went out to dinner last night for his 64th birthday.  They had a gluten-free menu for me to order from, which was a nice suprise.  I had a chicken breast, mashed potatos, salad with no croutons.  DH had some type of cake, and I had ice cream with caramel sauce, and sugared pecans--shared with the other 3.  A good time.
DD was on her high-horse on Face Book about how no one understands her grief over loss over death of daught placed for adoption.  This with the shooting in the school was just too much for me, so I kept off media for 3 days.  She and SIL were the ones who moved 2,000 miles away, so there is no way I can hug her and let her cry.  Electronic media just doesn't allow for that. 
So, with that, we are having sunny and cooler weather here.  65-70 days, going to be 55-60 for the next few days with lows about 35-40 at night.  Great!  Hope to bike ride on Sat. morning.
If I don't get a chance to get back here before the 25th, have a safe, happy, blessed Christmas!
Sara in Fla.