Saturday, March 21, 2009


I went to a quilt guild meeting Thursday night. They had the raffle quilt on display. The quilt show is in September this year, so anyone interested and living near Huntsville, AL might want to check out the details at The speaker was Peggy Barkle; she was very interesting. She has a new book out now using the stack and slice method. It looks easy, forgiving, and fun. The book is Blendable Curves: Stack, Slice & Sew Unique Quilts in a Weekend.

This week is my spring break. I went down and spent a few days in Montgomery, visiting my parents, where spring is in full flower ( or should I say shower?). I got lucky and got the picture here the morning after it finally quit raining. I've always maintained that a good camera will do an incredible amount of your work for you.
The irises here are not out yet. We're 200 + miles farther north. The redbuds are in full bloom and the pear trees are leafed out. Spring is on the way.
Laura in north Alabama

Just checking in!

I lurk here several times a day, but don't post much. I still remember several of the ladies from the "old" board.

Looks like my pictures are posting first, in the opposite order that I had planned. First is my design wall, my big board pressing station, my cutting corner, and then my sewing stations. Now on to the explanation!

Life here has been very busy. DH has been gone alot with his adjusting job. He found out at the end of Jan. that he got a new job that he applied for as an Area Crop Representative. This new job requires him to have a home office. Well.... after much thought, we decided that my sewing room would be the best place for his office. Since our attached garage has never had a vehicle in it in the 3 years we lived here, we decided we would remodel it into my NEW sewing room!! It's all finished, and all I have left to do is find places for "stuff" that I really don't know what to do with.

I just finished painting DH's new office, and he has started moving in there.

The new job, and garage remodel came at an interesting time. DH found out he got the job the day after my Dad passed away. When I finished with all the funeral details, I jumped right into planning and working on my new room. Kind of seemed fitting as Dad was a carpenter for many years. Anyway, it really helped me to keep busy.

I'm so happy with my new room, and have actually gotten to sew in there a few times. The kids like it too. The older boys gravitate there in the evenings. Isaac -- who is now 6 has spent a lot of time in there playing with scraps on my design wall.

Ok, I'm getting too chatty here. Just wanted to share my excitement with all of you.

Happy Quilting!

Karen in KS

The sewing area

My sister has passed.

I report, with great sorrow that my DSis has lost her battle with cancer. It had spread virtually everywhere in her body. She fought it bravely and taught us all valuable lessons, even while dying. Please hold her family in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with their grief. Thanks to all for your prayers and support over these last several years and especially the last 6 months.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break in Oregon

Jill, I've been meaning to post about your pictures. Loved them! Your little buddies are sure cute. I also enjoy the various pictures everyone posts. The pets, scenery, quilts, etc. etc. Thanks everyone for keeping me happily entertained. :-)

I haven't called to order the 'string' pattern yet but hope to take a copy to Australia with me. (Cover your eyes Fran. LOL!!!) I think I might order a book or two as well. Dorothy has made several quilts from the pattern and just praises the directions.

I've gotten a quilt and two tops for the Quilts to Australia project. As ever, seeing the work of others humbles me. I've yet to meet a quilter who isn't better than I but everyone inspires me to keep plugging away. Most quilters are braver than me in a variety of ways but I still have loads of fun playing with fabrics. Isn't this a great hobby?

Laura in Iowa, I appreciated you posting about the measurements for things. Think I'll invest in one of those cheat-sheets as I always have trouble with any math. :-)

It looks like we might have our normal Oregon Spring Break weather. Mixes of rain, some sunshine, bit more rain or mist, etc. etc. Oh well, it's always fun for the kids I think.

Have a great weekend. And hugz to any who need them.

Mary in Oregon

Sunset pattern

Mary I received my pattern already!
It's really cool how it goes together.
I'm finishing up a wall hanging for our
show in Apr. & then I want to make it.
It looks like so much fun. Jill

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Great time for your run Sara-you amaze me! For every 1000 pictures I take of "my Kids"I get 1 good one, so I have to share! Spring is here & I got out & took a few shots there too. Jill

I finished #12,642

Good Wednesday to everyone.
I'm sure you are all dying to know that in the local run last Saturday my GFs and I crossed the line together in 2 hrs. 38:14. In the great race I finished #12,642. It was a wonderful day for walk/run/jog, etc. foggy and cool at the start. Over 15,000 people entered the 15K, or 9.3 mile run. The first few men and women got prize money, some as much at $7,000. Of course they were the 4 min. mile people and I never saw them. We all had a good time and got some exercise and didn't get hurt.
We spent 2 and 1/2 days at the beach in Datoyna and got back last night. The spring break kids are there, not too many. But enough to watch along with the retired people from Canada, Michigan, etc.
Back to reality today, I cut down and did a trim on more phills, some Lantana, and finally called it quilts when the 3 bins were full. Hopefully one of the grand boys will want to earn $10.00 and come over this evening or Sat. to finish the Lantana. They are too low to the ground, and it does a number on the back.
I'm going to get out the travel machine, the Janome gold, and check to make sure it is working condition. Next. Tuesday is the quilt get-away in Ocala, so have to have the machine working.
The news is all depressing, so going to the beach was a good break to uplift our spirits. Don't worry, we stayed in the shade and used lots of sun block.
Off to wash the stinky yard work clothes.
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Setting Pieces for Diagonal-Set Quilt

There are formulas.
For Setting Triangles: Finished Diagonal Measurement of your blocks + 1.25 This size square is then cut X diagonally from corner to corner twice to get 4 triangles which will have a straight edge for the outside of the quilt.
For Setting Corner Triangles: Finished Diagonal Measurement divided by 2 then + .875 (7/8). Cut your squares (you will need two) once diagonally from corner to corner. Again this will give you straight edges on the corners.
You can also do as I have and purchase a laminated card that hangs on my bulletin board with a chart for common size squares and the formulas below that. There's other information on the reverse of the card as well. It is turquoise and I can always find it. Saves looking through endless books for the information.
The card can be found here:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Any magical math?

I'm hoping there is a wonderful math formula to figure out the measurements of the half square and qtr. triangles when setting blocks on point. Many times I would love to change my blocks by putting them on point...........but I'm math challenged!
Any help is appreciated, Phyllis in Minnesota whose rhubarb is 1/4" above the dirt

puppies . . .

Thank you all for your nice comments about our Sophie. She is a pistol! I had truly forgotten how much energy puppies have, since it has been sixteen years since Alex came home with us. The good news is that I'm getting out and walking her a lot. Did you know that a 3-month old puppy is not tired after a 1+ mile walk??? Aaaaaack.
Today I walked her in the a.m. and also in the afternoon after I got home from volunteer work. She does not look tired to me. I am toast. (grin)

I bought Sophie a "bully stick" today and she loves it. I can't wait to see DH's reaction when I tell him what they are made from. LOL

LOTS of trees are blooming here, and it is toooo early for this. My allergies are responding well enough to Claritin, but I'm still suffering. This, too, shall pass.

Hugs to everyone,