Friday, July 19, 2013

Freedom's Wings Glider/Sailplane

I don't know who is adding more features to this website but whatever programme is being used, it's a pain in the butt to post pictures and post, period. Now we have a choice when choosing pictures of small, large, extra large, center, left, right, to position the photograph. Better we have fewer choices and an easier programme to deal with here. This is a glider. Some people may not know what a glider or sailplane looks like; some do. It is towed by a 'tow' plane (which J usually flies) and two men run the wings until such time as the rope is stretched tight on the tow plane. Then the tow plane revs up, slowly takes off and the glider, because it is lighter, ascends higher than the tow plane at first. This can present danger to the tow plane because if the glider begins to rise too quickly and is not properly controlled, the nose of the tow plane can then be forced down and a serious accident can occur. The tow plane heads to the ground.  Nearly did two Saturdays ago when J was flying the tow plane, this happened.. A young student from Hong Kong did not latch the plexiglass canopy down properly, it flew up on take off, he momentarily lost control of the glider and quickly, J realized there was a problem He had his hand on the rope release in the tow plane but tried to get the young chap up high enough so that he could glide to the ground and at 5oo ft. released the glider. The young man landed in a field near the airstrip and J made it back down without incident. Many who watched it had their hearts in their mouths anticipating an accident with the tow plane. I could have been a widow. The young man could have died had J not managed to fly the plane high enough to release him and a family in Hong Kong could have been without a son.