Friday, November 7, 2014

Greetings !

It's been awhile and I'm sorry about that. Too much going on here...

Lovely photo Rosey,thank you. We had a white lawn this week too, but it was hail, not snow.  It came after a ferocious thunder storm, which literally sent sparks flying across our room...quite frightening actually, but no damage done..  The unsettled  spring weather has been more unsettled and for a longer period , than normal...  We have a fine sunny w/end forecast, so I am looking forward to that !

Bee.  I hope Gus has woken up and is none the worse for the drugs ! Nov 5th came and went  without us seeing any fireworks here. I gather that this is the last year that they will be on sale to the general public .Those who are interested will be encouraged to go to public displays .  Sounds sensible. We are often in a "closed fire season" so have never been really "into" it.  As a child in England , we always had a big bonfire and made a "guy" to put on top of it... The 'guys' were then wheeled around the village and children asked for a "penny for the guy"  !  Seems a hundred years ago...  I don't think we had any fireworks (were're talking post war here...!!) but we did bake potatoes in the fire and it was always fun...

We have had young relatives here from England ..  A nephew and his fiancee , Both in their thirties and both enjoying their travels. they have taken six months off work to travel around the world.  They had 6wks in the Sth American countries before coming here, and now they are in Tahiti. It was nice having such happy young people around and we were well impressed with their abilities on the internet, booking flights, trains, hotels, motels, cars ,theater tickets, tours etc etc etc ... all while enjoying a cup of tea and a chat... things have changed..!?!

DGD in Auckland has finished her first year at university !  Yea !!  We are so pleased. She started with little enthusiasm but has settled into the course really well.  I hope her results will be encouraging and that she will do the next two years and get her degree.. Such a shame that these important years have so many other opportunities beckoning.. She's been desperate to go to England since she was old enough to think about it .Having had a visit from my nephew and friend this week, has only intensified that desire...they have a flat in London... what could be more enticing than that !?!    

Have a good w/end.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I am not a fan in any way shape or form ,in fact I usually remember the war years and the sound of the guns. This year was so different. Our last two dogs were gun dogs and as such didn't mind the bangs but then we come to Gus who is a complete wimp. I have tried every pill, potion, I could but to poor Gus fireworks are so bad. This year I was told about a different pill and he is still fast asleep, no panic or barking. I was able to watch out the window and see all the pretty ones. We have a pretty large Asian population and their fireworks are really different, I enjoyed them. So good not to have to worry about the dog. I am now going to make a coffee and then bed Hugs a very happy Bee in Nz.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hard freeze.

I've seen that before too Rosey, but this year it was just cold and windy. We had our first hard freeze overnight but today it was bright and sunny. The temperatures will return to normal for next week. Not a bad deal. I have enjoyed the Fall weather this year.