Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's that time of year again !!

Time to de- hair the legs and expose them to sunlight  !  They are not a pretty sight, after months of being hidden behind trousers and tights, but it has to be done...  I bought a tube of self tanning goo at the chemist on Friday, with the hope of dulling the blinding whiteness, and now feel ready to face the outside world... Pity it's another cold day and bare legs are out of the question....

Not a lot happening here.  The spring garden is taking a lot of my time but the place does look pretty and doesn't encourage us to proceed with thought of leaving here..

School holidays here so we are off to Auckland this week to catch up with the family there.  Looking forward to that, we haven't seen them since June.

Good to have news of Jane. I have often wondered about her.

Enjoy the w/end.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feed dogs not feeding?

I posted this on the other page, but since more people check here, will post here also.  I took the throat plate off to clean the area last week, dusted, etc.  Now the feed dogs are not grabbing the fabric, and the strips of fabric are sliding all around.  Never had this problem before.  Whenever I've cleaned in the past (not as often as I should) everything always "fit" back together well.  Anyone else ever had this problem?  I thought I had an "a-ha" moment in the wee hour s this morning that the screws just weren't tight enough, but they are OK.  Bobbin case OK, re-threaded bobbin.  Still the same.  Any solutions?  After tonight when DH gets here and checks it for me I may have to break down and take it in for service.  Hate to pay the $$, but may have to.
Thanks for your help.
Sara in Fla. who is somewhat better with the sinuses, waiting on the sun to shine.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jane in N C info

Yes, I did  and e mailed her.  Rosey filled me in.  thought I responded, but it might have gotten lost in the shuffle.  I remember her dunking in the creek also.  That alone would have been enough for me to move.
At least we know.
I was told Friday by the allergy Doc. that Phoenix AZ is the place to be if you have mold or dust mite allergies, as they don't like the desert.  Maybe you are like me and like the humidity over dryness.  The Colorado Mts. are too high, I can't do that altitude.  Maybe if i stayed in Denver a week, then went on, but not really interested.  Like the east coast better, and a lot easier to get to.  Now if I could just get DD and family to move there!
Frozen is all the rage with little girls of any location.  I understand Norway has felt a growth of tourist  because of it.  I'm sure Halloween will have lots of Frozen costumes.  Jo-Ann's has a display of the light blues and patterns and even Walmart has the patterns out.
Feeling better than Friday, taking Zyrtec and some nasal spray.  Can't spell it.  Glad this Dr. could see me on short notice.  I called on Wed. and saw him on Friday afternoon.
Not as stuffy,and surprised  no sinus infection.  Surprised and happy.
Waiting for DH to arrive for dinner.  He sees the Dermo doc tomorrow for MOHS skin cancer surgery on his nose.  Always something.
Sara in moldy, damp Fla.

put in my place

by a just 3 year old. Made at least 300 snowflakes ,it felt like it anyway, only to be told by Miss Three that I was wrong as all snowflakes are different . I knew that !!!! Her birthday was a Frozen party, looked great and I was coerced to do the decorations for the table. The little bat told me very sweetly I was wrong.Mind you it was in front of all the family who are still grinning. The girls looked so sweet as Jo had made their outfits in the theme of Frozen we also saw the DVD ,not too bad, the kids knew all the songs.I can't get them out of my head and am humming away. THe fact that I can't sing a note in tune doesn't matter when I am in my own place. PS I really only made 20 flakes. hugs Bee .