Friday, October 17, 2008


Sara, I'm sure you have dealt with that guy or his cousin and I know that I must have met him along the way in my career. One of my colleagues' clients escaped while being transported and made his way to Miami without incident. Having accomplished that he managed to attract the attention of the constabulary and was arrested for something stupid. When asked for his name he thought he'd outsmart them and used my colleague's name. Of course my colleague probably will have a rap sheet forever listing the arrest. What's wrong with John Smith as an alias?

Clouds here for two days as I awaited the sorely needed rainfall that was predicted and no more than a drop or two fell. More wells are going dry hereabouts and local governments are having frantic meetings. In the meantime developers are still trying to create large subdivisions, many for the higher classes who need a "gated community" on quarter to one acre lots. Just where is the water to come from? It's not infinite. Even when the drought breaks the water table is down about a foot, possibly more, and who knows how long this will go on?

I find the notion of the gated communities highly offensive and the descendants of the folks who settled this area and who are still within the barest of majorities here can read the message quite clearly. "I'm educated, wealthy and therefore better than you. I want no association with you and even have a certain fear or loathing of you." While I'm not part of the local culture I have met and come to love some wonderful people who are of that background and many of the elements of the local culture are what attracted Al and me to this area. I have never felt so much a part of and felt the warmth of my neighbors before in my life.

Past my bed time so night, night ladies,

Friday afternoon this and that

It is 3:45 here in north Florida, and a beautiful day. I'm waiting for DH to come home so we can take either the kayaks or the bikes out for a few hours.
In the mean time, doggie has found a hole under the fence that she is using as her escape route to the neighbor's yard. At least now she is coming back on her own. --Plan for Sat. to put down 15 bags of mulch and get some wire over the hole.--
I feel the same way about walking, etc. I thought by now I'd have lost 15 lbs. or so, but no. I blame it on the butter in Ireland, but in reality, the Freetos and Panara's bagels and other stuff are just as much to blame. I'm thankful that apple season is now on, I do love apples.
Our college football team won last night. I wanted to get up at 6AM and walk, but slept in until 7:00, late for me. Tomorrow morning I'm back in the swing of it and getting up at 5:30 AM and driving downtown to meet the running group and run/walk 7 miles.
Funny, dumb criminal of the day award--In yesterday's paper a man in south Fla. went to the drive in at McDonald's and attempted to pay for his hamburger with marijuana! Is that what you call a happy meal?
The drive through clerk got his tag and called the cops.
I just started making slippers for all 4 of the grand boys for their Christmas presents. This is a class I took at a quilt shop in April '07, about time I'm doing it.
The gift for the DD & DSIL is hiring a painter to paint the kitchen, family room, and pantry. He starts on Monday, so I'll be over there most of next week while DD and DSIL are gone, and kids in school. They have been trying to do it themselves for 3 years, and we've talked and talked about it, the paint was on sale at Home Depot and the painter is a distant relative. Hopefully he will do a good job. At least it will be nice and fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.
Sara in beautiful, cooler, Florida


Glad to hear that you, Mayme and Dianna were able to get together. Sorry Pat had to miss it. I missed you all in Pembroke. I've been inspired since I got home and am getting back to quilting after a long dry spell. I've just started reading the Chat again more regularly too. That helps the inspiration! I have to discipline myself now to finish my WIPs before starting the new projects that are spilling out of my brain.
I think the real reason my quilter's block is disappearing is that I've been attempting to lead a healthier life for the past couple of months, eating sensibly and walking every day. I feel much better except for my feet which complain a lot about carrying my weight around the track. I will persevere however, and, in about 3 years, should weigh what I'm supposed to. I have to keep reminding myself that I didn't get this way overnight, so can't expect to lose it any faster. Remember way back when, when some of us tried the fat quarter challenge. Jean in Vermont was my cheerleader as I attempted to "ride" my exercise bike all the way to her house. I didn't get very far, but, I have to tell you, Jean, I'm well on my way this time. LOL
Anyway, it's good to feel like a quilter again.
My sympathies with those of you who are still enduring an election campaign. I'm sooo glad ours is over. Politicans make me crankier the older I get.
Happy quilting all. Brenda in Nn Ontario

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Watch out what you wish for. I recall William F. Buckley running for mayor of NYC on the, get this, Conservative ticket (there was such a party then). He never stood a chance to win; he just wanted to make a wave or two. When he was asked by a reporter what he would do if he were to win the election. He replied "I'd demand a recount." I think the next president is going to end up looking bad whoever it is.

Hope our next president has a sense of humor. He's going to need one.


Good grief, Kathi

That woman sounds like she could be describing any number of retired husbands in their early seventies ! Can you believe how some people base their opinions of people who run for public office? And to think that someone like that will be voting for the President of the United States...but then, I always figured that Bush would have enough intelligent people around him to keep the country afloat. Seems I was wrong but then, look at the whole world right now...Bush can't be responsible for all this mess...seems other politicians were turning a blind eye to the unsound economic and financial practices of their own countries. Whoever takes over as Presdient will have a very unwelcome and difficult job in these tough economic times. It is, however, Sarah Palin (sp?) that scares the heck out of me. Given McCain's age, could you ever imagine someone like Sarah Palin running the country? She sounds like she's trying to whip up a collection of bra-burning women with her manner of speaking. Dignity and class, she doesn't appear to have in her presentations so far. Look at how Condaliesa Rice presents herself (Again my spelling may be off) least she is a woman of presence.

Racial prejudice is still alive, apparently, in some of southern states and with those votes, they may find themselves in serious waters beyond their depths in their choice of political representation...and perhaps even worse. It would not surprise me if Obama might become a sacraficial lamb.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here's a "different" political opinion

A woman wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper. She says that we shouldn't vote for John McCain because she's found that men in their 70's get to be grumpy and she wouldn't want a grumpy president.

Just had to share that one.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008 is the site. From the site "Copyright © 2003 - 2008 Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania's staff, not the Annenberg Center, is responsible for this material. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit "consumer advocate" for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases. Our goal is to apply the best practices of both journalism and scholarship, and to increase public knowledge and understanding."

There is misinformation being cleared up on both sides. It is more than ads and more than one page. In an age of biased journalism I find it useful to know the facts.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I went to the fact check dot org site and found it to be an unabashed forum for liberal talking points. No, thanks.

Pat in Rockport, TX who is an unabashed Reagan conservative.


When I logged onto that sight I saw a bunch of links to sites selling things. I've heard newscasters refer to fact check with repect to statements being made by candidates and had hoped to find such things. Can someone enlighten me?


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good advice, Laura

We are having federal elections here in Canada on Tuesday of this week. I am fed up with our two major parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals. That leaves the NDP & the Green party. It will be a split vote this time and our present Prime Minister, Steven Harper, decided on this election to gain a majority, which he won't get. He's had foot and mouth disease with the arts community for one the politician in Australia who commented on 'not so good looking women' moving to an area in Australia in which there were predominantly men so that they could all find husbands...not long ago in the newspaper...the title of which was: Take foot, place in mouth.

Interesting how people base their choices on who they vote for.....not on the experience, intelligence and people surrounding that choice. While I was appalled at the fact that some people wouldn't vote for Obama because of his skin colour; I was even more appalled that no-one got Bush's nurturing, new age approach in the last election where Gore, who had far less charisma, at least had the intelligence and experience in international relations. People get what they vote for...I'm apolitical but Bush's approach was pretty thin as far as seeing through his...I'll look after you, just vote me in, type of approach.

What happens in the US affects Canada and the rest of the world. The financial markets are downright scary at the moment. I hope others consider Laura's advice and think carefully before voting. The running mate of McCain has no proven record in the international field but her fiesty spirit will likely suck in unsuspecting voters.


Please be an informed voter

May I recommend which researches the truth about the various statements made in both campaigns. Try to gather truthful information before making your final decisions.