Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleep patterns

I'm fortunate that after over 30 years of marriage, DH and I still have the same sleeping least for the most part. He tends to get ready for sleep about an hour before I do and also gets up about an hour earlier. The only time he snores is when he has a cold and then I just poke him to roll over and that solves the problem.

As far as a TV in the bedroom (which we had for about the first 20 years of our marriage), when we moved into a small rental house for about a year while waiting for the one we eventually bought, there wasn't room in the bedroom for a TV. That was eight years ago, and we became so adjusted to the lack of noise that the boob tube never did make it's way back in. Now when we go to bed, we read. He reads about four or five pages and promptly falls asleep. I read for my extra hour and then I'm ready. Works for both of us.


hello all,
I am enjoying the conversation about the sleeping habits. My DH has nightmares. Talking , fighting, laughing, nightmares in living colour. As soon as I sort of feel his body doing little jerks , I am awake because I never know what is coming next.It does create some pretty funny topics sometime.
Now I have had a very eventful week, let me tell you. My DS #1 decided that he could not look after all his fish tanks and informed us maybe one would be restful for us to look after. I proceeded to tell him I do not do fish, I do not even do windows, why would I do fish??? Anyway the fish tank came down. I may feed the fish , after all I could not just let those poor babies starve now could I? I do not clean the tank or the filter. Those are jobs for him.
Well the other morning as I am walking down the stairs, I am thinking and wondering, when did we get a fountain in our living room? I can hear water trickling. Sure enough the filter is spouting water all over the cupboard and onto the floor. Okay that is not so bad , we can clean that up, but it leaked on the shelves in the cupboard and I will give you three guesses what is on those shelves and the first two do not count. Yup, you guessed it , some special fabric I am saving because I have the patterns all picked out and am collecting the pieces as I find them. two shelves of my patterns and fabric soaking wet. The pages are plastered together and hard to separate. So the rest of this week I have been trying to save my books and drying my fabric. Am I having fun this yet????
We have also taken in our oldest DGS as home life for him became unbearable. Back to having a fifteen year old hormone on legs who does not stop eating living with us. Yup I am laughing all the way. Not yet hysterical but getting there.
I am so glad I can come here and get some sanity so to speak.
Hope to answer some letter tomorrow ladies. More stuff about the retreat.
Have a great evening all
Grace signing out laughing at herself.

Sleeping patterns

I used to think that a compatible marriage was one in which both partners shared the same time schedule. I'm a day person and I couldn't be married to a night person. I'm up with the sun and down with the sun; brighter in the morning, winding down by suppertime.

Jane, my BIL and his son are both on CPAP machines but I can relate to the television set in the bedroom, which I never wanted there in the first place. 'Himself' insisited and then, as did Al, promptly fell asleep. When I turned the evening news down in volume; he awoke. I sat watching the news which is never pleasant and happy it seems; it wouldn't be news otherwise. He slept through it all. Because he traveled so much with his career and worked the nighttime flights often, his circadian rhythm is all turned about and still after 11 yrs. of retirement, he can't get turned around. He's up from about 1 pm on to 5 pm and so now, he sleeps on the familyroom couch, his choice, with the television on and his computer nearby. I sleep with the dogs in the bedroom. I used to get cranky not getting my sleep, too, but after 18 yrs. I finally have come to appreciate the fact that the dogs don't snore, they don't pass wind and they don't sit on the side of the bed burping. We're both happier this way. At my age it's a relief to get a good night's sleep and 'himself' can catnap all day long if he wants. I'm wondering, Jane, if, given the CPAP machine if sleeping separately in your own room at Grace's retreat might not be preferable for you. And I'm happy to see that you are persisting with your quilting. It is true, creativity helps heal.

Wonderful day here in Southern Ontario as well; windows open, sun is out, soft billowy clouds in the sky; I want to stop the clock and stay in this for the next ten months.


Friday, June 20, 2008

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Quite a few years ago, before my apnea was diagnosed I began to be pestered in the night when Al was beginning to wake me to ask me to role over or whatever would stop me snoring. He finally gave up and moved into the guest room. Eventually I was diagnosed and began using a CPAP. If anyone doesn't know, that is a contraption which magnifies the pressure with which ambient air is pushed into your nose in a controlled manner and pressure to make sure the periodic stoppage in breathing and loss of oxygen in the brain which is what happens with apnea, doesn't occur. Thereafter both of us got a good night's sleep. After a few weeks DD arrived with three kids and a spouse and Al rejoined me in our king sized bed. He announced in the morning that I'd "passed the snore test." As soon as the kids left at the end of the annual spring break visit he moved back in. The last item was a TV he'd acquired during the separation. I asked why he was bringing that in, as if I didn't know. After all, it was Stanley Cup playoff time and as a transplanted Michigander he'd never given up on his beloved Red Wings. There was a game that night. I announced that I was planning to listen to the Minnesota Chamber Orchestra at the same time. We were at a stand off. In the past, when he watched the last quarter of Monday night football in bed, guess who had to get up, walk across the room and turn off the tube while he slept like the dead. (This was before we had remote controls.) Cut to the chase, Al took his TV set back to the guest room. After all Sara, the kids are gone and you have all the privacy you need for midnight trysts.

Is Carl's snoring recent or has it been around for a while? Has he considered apnea? That is not only a pain for the partner but a serious risk to the heart. The constant interruption of both your sleep and his, because of the snoring, can be very serious to both of you. Going around sleep deprived is dangerous behind the wheel as well.

I finally got to do some work on a charity quilt tody. I am still having some serious troule organizing my mental functioning which deteriorated after the accident. I'm told this is not unusual after such an experience. Hand surgeon keeps urging me to keep up the quilting as it is both a physical and mental challenge. He also believes that creative endeavors contribute to recovery. I have a tough time doing things in the right order and arrangng something as simple as a bunch of 6" blocks to each other in some reasonable pattern without getting things out of order and having to repeat the same thing three times before getting the result I seek. AAARGH. While making a 12" block as a small wall hanging for that wonderful man who is responsible for having saved the use of my left hand I spen't two and a half days chewing up about $40 of costly hand dyes before getting things cut and put together. However, I must say, though, that out of the numerous points in the Martha Washington star, I only lost one and that one by only a smideon.

Herewith, the as yet to be quilted star.

Sleep tight, ladies,

Jane in NC where the windows were opened all day with the perfect weather.

Gas prices, runnaway dog, etc./snooring questions

There was an article in the paper Wed. that the price of corn is going up, due to using it to produce gas, and the flooding in Iowa, etc. The least I could find it for this morning was $3.99 a gal. Not so long ago I would go about 6 blocks out of my way if it was 99cents on one side of the street and $1.01 on the other -Awk! Do we sound like our parents? I remember when I was about 5 years old driving with my Mom to the Texaco station and her getting 25cents or 50 cents of gas, they would have you step out and whisk broom out the car, and give you green stamps.
Things were going very well with the doggy training yesterday morning, we did some walking and "sit", "stay", and other commands in the driveway.
I gave her a break it the back yard to play, the phone rang, and she was gone like greased lightning. Dug a hole, went into the neighbor's yard, and when I went over there she was in full run, play mode. This yard faces a very busy street, and is on a curve. Another neighbor came over to help and 30 very hot, sweaty min. later I had a dirty, hot dog. I carried her home, I took a shower and plunked her down in the gray water and gave her a bath.
(gray water is once used water that is re-used for something else like watering the yard, or flushing the toilet) I was not a happy dog mommy.
Tomorrow is the early morning walk/jog downtown. Last Sat. we had someone talk about running shoes for 30 min. and by the time we actually got to the walk/jog part it was 7:30 AM and about 85F. Maybe tomorrow AM we can walk/jog first? That would make more sense, as in 30 min. it can heat up 10 degrees or more.
I did see the moon-set Thurs. morning at 6:02 AM. It looked liked a fall harvest moon, only in the western sky, and just setting. That alone was worth getting up to see.
DH has taken up his exercise/weight lifting in the past 2 weeks. I'm very happy about this. The down side is he is so tired that he sleeps soundly--a good thing, but he snoors like a freight train. Last night I got up and went in the guest bed, and then took an hour nap today on the couch.
Are we going to be one of "those" couples that sleep in seperate bedrooms?
I hate the thought, but am a total crab cake when I don't get some sleep.Hopefully when he loses 5 to 10 lbs. he will no longer have the snoor problem.
Sorry to hear about the broken neck not healing in DH of (?) in Arizona. Guess in comparrison my problems are small. Is he taking calcium, and drinking soy or other milk? Ice Cream? The calcium chews are easier to get down. Tums are better than nothing.
The 3 quilts I was working on on the last weekend are still in their bags, I haven't even unpacked them.
Drinking ice water and trying to stay in the A/C here in North Fla.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lemon Drop

That car just fits Jill - she's small and cute with a bubbly personality.

Off to the big family reunion tomorrow. It's near 50 years since we attempted anything like this. It's going to be interesting.

Mary, we are going to make it to Bainbridge Island for the 4th, but Sisters Quilt Show will not be included in this trip - maybe sisters quilting though (shopping for sure)!
Above, I poste a photo of a "feedsack" fabric quilt top I purchased. It's lemony too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sondra has notified me that she is in the process of working and getting ready to move and just can't see her way to committing to the retreat in September. Thus I am in need of a roommate with whom to share the room rent at the motel. Please let me know if anyone out there wishes to join me there. As I said in my previous plea, I don't smoke, snore (use CPAP for apnea), or use scented cosmetics.

Jane in NC


My guild's bi-annual show will be held on the second weekend in August rather than our usual third weekend in October. There is very little time but if you have something ready we'd love to have any of you enter. To learn the details go to The details and entry form are right there on the links at the web site. Jill in Portland was a winner two years ago and loved the basket of quilter's goodies she received with her ribbon.

Y'all come.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our gas is 4.29 !!

I don't even drive much & it scares me!(gas price, I mean)

Sara, I think the mini has something like 8 air bags!

I wanted one so bad when they came out, but they

are spendy!

I know I'm weird but I take pleasure in the little things.

Here's what I did today & I'm so excited!

2 items off my kitchen counters.

This used to have seperators for cookie sheets & such.

Anybody else have a Vita-Mix? It's old but new for me.

Kind of a scarey machine.

Looks just like a lemon drop

Cute car! Can you get your fabric, machine, etc. in it to go to classes?
I wanted a Mini Cooper on last vehicle purchase. DH was afraid I would get killed with all the large trucks, etc. out there. Since we are going kayaking/biking more & more I wound up with an SUV. It does get 21 MPG, so it makes the $4.01 per gal. not quite so painful, but it was purchased for hauling stuff. (As I keep reminding myself)
Just finished 3 days of quilt camp at a GF's house here in town. Back to reality today, after an hour nap.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, June 16, 2008


The email address I have for you is obsolete. Would you please send me the current one?


Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Lemon Drop

I have to share my exciting news. My Smart car is here after the

13 month wait!

We have one dealership in town & they are receiving cars daily.

We were told May or June so they were right on.

No more car pooling to guild meetings! No, actually I'll be keeping

my sedan.

I know I was looking for help with my plate but I decided on

"LMN DRP" for Lemon Drop.

Anyway , it's so fun to drive & sits very high so you don't have the small

car feel. It has a 5 car safety crash rating against the big small cars!

Best feature is that it's a shiftable automatic so when you need power you

can easily swich gears.

I checked on flights after Janes post about the Retreat, sigh, I don't think it's

going to happen for me....wah. Betty, are you going?

Anyway here she is....wish I was driving around all day, but this is one of the

1st good gardening days for us, so I'll be out pulling muscles & weeds. Jill

signing in

Jane, if you have not turned off your computer, sometimes the computer thinks you are already logged in. It will ask for your password for the next session, after you reboot the computer.
Things are hot here, but we finally got some rain yesterday. We're still in a drought in north Alabama, but it's not as bad as last year, yet.
I'm two weeks into my summer break here. I did go back for a workshop on an "Interwrite System" for my classroom. I'll get a projector which can show anything on my computer screen to large groups of people (in other words, students!). I also got a pad which allows me to write on the screen. I can work examples, circle things on the internet, put extra steps on power point programs, click buttons on websites, and be able to move around the classroom while I'm doing it. This is all wireless...Really cool stuff!
I won some money at school for loosing the largest percentage of my body weight. That's really exciting, but also scary, because I only lost 23 pounds and have another 20 to go. There were very few people competing for the money.
I've been doing some fabric sorting, sewing on my mother's quilt, and preparing apple core blocks to sew together by hand on my trip next week. I'm sewing them together, inside out, leaving a hole to turn them. I'm not putting any batting between the pieces. I'll hand stitch the openings, and baste them together. I'll then use a decorative stitch on my machine when I get home, and sew them together. It should make a nice summer weight quilt. One side is brights and the other is blues.
My nephew is graduating from High School in the DC area. It's a twelve hour drive and I'll be going with my parents. They are in their mid seventies, so I guess I'll be doing most of the driving. I hope to get by Jinney Beyer's studio again this year. It is incredible.
I've enjoyed all the new posts recently. I check every day.
Laura in Alabama

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