Friday, November 22, 2013

Lost post

OK, just wrote out a long post, and hit "save" and it went poof.
To not type out everything again. -went to Mayo eye dr. this morning.  Blessed to have wonderful doctors here, but tired of seeing them.  I was expecting a "date" as to when the blurry vision would go away, but it's wait and see.  Maybe 1 or 2 months, maybe more.  The cancer is considered dead-which was the main goal.  He explained it like a dead treee in the yard, it's dead, but still there.  Check ups in 1,2, then 4 months, The radiation burned the eye lid a tiny bit, he put salve on it, and it immediately felt better.
Realize with the situation with Mom, all the running to doctors, etc, I'm suffering from stress and anxiety.  I talked to the family Dr. a few days ago, DH is out picking up a prescription for anxiety/sleep  for me right now.  When I described the crying, not sleeping, and other symptoms she said all the stress is changing my hormones and at my appt. in 2 weeks she will discuss hormone therapy.
So, not much going on other than running to doctors, and to see my Mom.  The dementia is a slow death, and painful to watch, but I'm committed to walking through it.
Have 1 quilt finished for Grandson #1, but the matching one for #2 has been taken to the long arm quilter, however she fell and broke her wrist, then is going on a Christmas cruise, so it will be Jan. before the North Dakota boys get their qults.
Mary Jo- 20 quilts in use! Wow.   Our friend who went through the same thyroid cancer treatment you did is fine now.  It is very tramatic, but arn't we thankful that we have wonderful doctors and treatment?
Time to scare up dinner.
Sara in Fla. where it is 75 and humid.