Saturday, December 5, 2009

More on the beach

No, my DH doesn't like to clean, however he is very good at it. He is a perfectionist.
Our condo has a "storm restant" door, heavy 2 pane glass, with a 2 inch rubber lip on the bottom of the door. That keeps the rain out. It is on the 8th floor, so there is no sand blowing in.
I wouldn't mind a 3 bd. 2 bath condo, with a nice kitchen. However that would be at least $450,000 in today's market. I do need a bedroom for my quilting. We also have 2 small dogs now, so would have to be a place that would take them.
If there was a hurricane warning I would be out-o-there in a heartbeat! My friends in GA moved, so would go somewhere in the Atlanta area, I guss.
I'm not saying I would never move, will be 65 in 4 years, so maybe by then Ill get tired of yard work. Right now I enjoy the butterfly garden, etc. DH likes to sit on the balcony and watch the people and the ocean. The nice thing about Daytona is that cars are allowed on the beach. It is about the only place in Fla. that allows it, and the people are interesting. Especially the women from Europe who are topless!
I bought some Poinsettias today but it was so windy and rainy I didn't put them in the yard. Maybe I'll get them in Monday.
Looking forward to going to church tomorrow and seeing it all decorated for Christmas.
Right now going to watch Fla. vs Alabama football and have hot tea, cheeze, etc.
Sara in cool, windy Fla.

checking in

Glad to see the Board is up and running again.

Sara - I would have one word for your DH when he mentions moving to the coast: HURRICANES. End of discussion. ;o)

Rosey - Now you know why:
1) my DH stayed in Tennessee after graduation and growing up in Pennsylvania, and
2) my parents stayed in Tennessee after living most our lives up North.
When Saturn opened up here and I met lots of Saturn wives from Michigan, they all were thrilled that they would not need their snow shovels. Of course, our heat & humidity in summer is unbearable without A/C and I'm rather envious of how you can get thru the summer without it, in Ontario.

Jane in NC - is it snowing there this a.m.? Looks like it on the Weather Channel map. In fact, they said Atlanta had some snow! It missed us and we're not complaining. It's 27° here and that's bad enough.

Sophie had her one-year birthday last week. DH and I sang "Happy Birthday" to her (she was not impressed) and I gave her a new rawhide chew (she WAS impressed-LOL). It's hard to believe she's that old already, but wonderful that I don't have to watch her like a hawk in the house all the time. Puppyhood has its ups and downs. ;o)

Hugs to everyone,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Icy roads

Jane, it's too bad that you can't go into town the night before in winter so that you can do what you want to do socially and not have to worry about the weather. I know around here I just don't go out if there is black ice, particularly at night. When I drove home very early last Monday morning, I hit two patches of black ice on the road but fortunately my ABS brakes worked and I was far enough back from the car ahead. After your terrible accident, you sure don't want to take a chance, do you. Asheville is a pretty place...might that be a possibility eventually for you.

Have had a hard time settling down after being in Florida...mighty tempting with that sunshine and warm weather and back here it's cold and getting colder. I need to get my mindset readjusted to cold and no sun.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


In the same mood as Sara's post on the board: I've been so looking forward to attending the Madrigal Dinner at WCU (Western Carolina University about 20 minutes away) Saturday evening. Four of my regular Friday hand quilt ladies are to join me. However, the weather man is currently predicting the dreaded wintry mix of snow and rain of course with the temperature dropping with the setting sun. While the Prius is great on mileage it's a significant disappointment in many other respects not the least of which is its tendency to skid with far better conditions that those predicted. Oh to have my old 4wd back. In the meantime the mileage has dropped precipitously last two tanks full. That will no doubt cost me money and require a trip to the dealer in Asheville. Arrrgh.

Pass the wine I have plenty of cheese, albeit fat reduced.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Checking in on December 1st....

The weather in MN certainly would not indicate that it is already December! I heard this morning that our November was the second warmest on record. It has been an unusual fall, that's for sure.

Having our guild quilt show scheduled for March has really given me the incentive I needed to get some quilts finished. The most recent are my crazy quilt - a small lap size in all neutrals with the darkest color being copper - and the BC Pres quilt. The blocks are from a lot of you (that's the BCancer part) and the rest are from guild members the year I was Pres (that's the Pres part). Since it was all the same year, I put them together. I really like it. It isn't quilted yet but I will try to post some pictures - after DD gets home from school and shows me how again. The next one I am going to work on has blocks made by some of the people off the board as well. In 2000 when a group met in MN (Minnesota Babes 2000), a few of us did a challenge quilt. We each got some gold fabric and made blocks for all the others representing our idea of MN Babes 2000 using some of the gold in each. I found 9 blocks - there may have been more - and have a plan... Unfortunately, my "to-do" pile isn't going down because I keep buying more. I know. It's a sickness. And I have it.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Joleen in MN

Monday, November 30, 2009

Brrrr, is right!

Just home from eight days in Sarasota but those eight days were a heck of a lot warmer than here in Southern Ontario, I can tell you. One expects cooler temperatures at this time of year in Florida but the first part of the week was overcast and cloudy and I think Sara would also have had the storm that dumped I don't know how much rain on Siesta Key. I've been on Siesta Key in November several times and at no time, ever, have I been exposed to two feet of a water canal on the main road along the key. It gave new meaning to the word hurricane for me. Thursday dawned sunny and bright and for the next few days until the day we left on Sunday, the nicest day so far, naturally...I can say that I could have spent the next five months living there. But here I am, back in Ontario and grateful for my eight days down south. I couldn't live in that climate from May to October but it's sure nice to warm my bones down there in the wintertime.

Snow is predicted for later this week and we've been very lucky with our November weather here...warm, sunny, November shot itself in the foot and got nice. Mother Nature may have something awful in mind for us, as a result, over the winter here as she bombed out and gave us a nice November instead of the usual gloomy month it is.

Back to reality; back to cleaning the house; back to Curves and all that makes life worthwhile here and I'm thankful to be enjoying it and looking at those marvelous photographs of New Zealand. Marion, I think if you were not so very far away you'd have every quilter here on the board paying you a visit.

Jane, sensible move not to drive to Rochester. Take it easy on your roads down there in the mountains over the wintertime.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

back from the beach

Burrr--it was a chilly few days at the beach. I did manage to walk both Thurs. and Fri. mornings. Good thing I brought sweaters, wind breaker, etc. We dined on Catfish, cheese grits, hushpuppies, etc. for Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful & I didn't have to wash the dishes.
For the first time we went inside the speedway at Daytona. The old car show was going on, must have been 3,000 cars and trucks, and about 10,000 people there Sat. morning. I loved the '57 Chevys, and the '60 Corvettes, also the packards. Lots of '40s cars also. The "gear heads" are a real sub culture. People from NY, GA, PA, and lots of other places there.
Since I've done it once, don't think I'll ever do it again.
MARION-your beach looked warmer than mine. The only people in the water were surfers in wet suits. We did see a few dolpins in the water this morning.
Back to reality-going to start painting the walls in my soon to be new quilt room tomorrow. Sherwin Williams 1080, a beige color. Not exciting, but a good nutral for quilting.
Sara in Fla. who is going to bed early tonight.