Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thanks for all the suggestions on flannel etc.

Wild and crazy life here!
Before my ADD brain goes off it's track -- went to the closest Jo Ann's store- it is a mega Jo Ann's-- they had about 100 bolts of cotton flannel.  Not ONE was white!  It is only 42" wide, would require 2x the amount for a piece down the middle, etc. so scratch that idea.
I agree with Doris, the Minkie is a bear to work with.  But the request from the 2 boys is that they want a quilt from grand mom with "the soft stuff on the back"  they don't care what the front looks like!! LOL.
So, after checking with 3 long arm quilters in the area, if I was doing it myself it would be different, Have warm & white as a batting, and Minkie on the back.  One will go today, after my visit with Mom and a Dermatologist appt.
Several long arm people refuse to work with Minkie, and I agree it is like working with Jell-O- slips and slides all over the place.  Hopefully this will be my last 2 to do.
I'm even being brave and having the long armer do the binding on the machine.  Never had that done before, so cross your fingers.
Have to take care of a sick dog, so this is short for me.  Still going to be 95 here again today.
Will welcome fall weather!
In the throws of more eye problems, and picking out flooring for this condo.  As my DD says- 1st world problems.  At least it isn't a dirt floor!
Sara in hot florida, with a bad eye and a sick dog.