Saturday, November 10, 2012

another one in space!!!

I was telling you how I hate fireworks and the effect they have on Gus when whoosh away it all went. He tries to climb under my chair, only his head makes it and so I throw a blanket over him and he mutters and grumbles all night. Poor boy he is such a big idiot. All our other dogs were gun dogs and of course they didn't mind bangs etc. Gus is a different story, he hates baths and bangs. Nov.5th is Guy Fawkes night but the weather always plays up and it seems to go on forever. I think I told you about my garden being absolutely bare of leaves thanks to my lot , I have good news all my shrubs now have baby leaves growing and it is looking so good I am going to leave it like it is and use pots and bark everything else. I do prefer a very green and tropical look but my poor old bones don't like bending down to weed. This way I get all the look I like and can spray the weeds. Now I have to go and find a good spray. I use boiling water to spray my cobblestones but don't think it will do for the garden, soak in too quickly. This drivel is not what I was going to talk about but I type the way, I talk, according to my family mostly drivel. Must go and hide my sewing, I went to a Quilt show and left most of my money there. I now have the sweetest toy to make for Cara and eagle eyes will see it if I don't put it away. Hugs to all, Bee in a coolish NZ . By the way the first thing I meant to tell you was that I don't sign out, I always leave myself signed to the BB. Just an idea. Bee. '


I wish I knew how to turn the photo of the roses up the right way !   I still have a lot to learn about managing this page. I seem to have no control of where the writing is going either..  Last time I tried to delete something, the photos disappeared so I'm reluctant to press too many buttons !    The honeysuckle is lovely and just outside the door alongside the wisteria.  The "door"....a ranch slider, is open all day long, making the garden an extension of the living room. That works for us for most of the year.    

Enjoy the week-end.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh dear.....

This morning the BB page presented me with all sorts of complicated form filling, before this came up !  Why oh why ? It all used to be so easy !!

Not a lot to say.  I had tried to post a comment about the fallen leaves, but that came to nothing ! On this side of the world we are enjoying the new leaves ofcourse, and giving little thought to the fact that they will all fall off the trees, come the autumn !

The storms on America have brought back all the feelings we experienced here with our own "natural disaster", a couple of years ago. The number of people affected is mind blowing.  More than the total population of N.Z. What a huge job ahead .

Saturday here and I plan a day in the garden. It still looks fresh and pretty, we have honeysuckle near the house and the scent is lovely. The wisteria is looking great too. I'll take some pistures..

Have a good w/end.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is this why they call it FALL?

DH completely cleared off all of the leaves the other day.  We were gone for three days and came home to this.  In the time we were gone, the poplar orchard behind our house turned yellow and with the wind and thunderstorm this morning, completely covered the lawn.  As you can see, the trees aren't yet finished with their preparations for winter, so this will not be the end of it.  We usually chop the leaves with the mower and put them into the veggie beds to break down over the winter.  Makes great soil.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

IBS, etc. sensitive people

Ladies-isn;t it amazing how those who are "artsy" get IBS, migraines, and other sensitive-type things?  I was reading WEB MD, one of the few internet medical things I trust, and it said that IB is almost exclusively among women.  It also said that those prone to depression, anxiety, migraines, get the IBS.  I guess those who don't "feel" as much, have more cast-iron guts, and seldom get headaches.
As Rosey said, bland, boring food is best.  I had potato soup for lunch, and mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, and a few bites of chicken for dinner last night.  Dairy bothers some people, but I find the butter fat is what bothers my tummy.  I can eat plain yogurt, but putting nuts  in it is a no-no.  Nuts are supposed to be so good for you, but not for me.
Apples are in season in No. America, had been eating one a day.  I guess the apple peel is hard to digest, so may peel the ones I have left.  Just laying low, not having much fun is the way to go, but who wants to live life that way?  So, Bee, order some potato soup, or other soup you like when you go out, plain food, no cream, or ice cream.  As for desert, maybe sugar cookies or something else simple. (hard boiled egg for protein)
It is windy here this morning, but sunny.  Didn;t go on my 2 mi. walk this morning, as the head was hurting from the low-pressure system.  If I didn't have appt. with Mom's social worker and staff of nursing home would just go back to bed and read the latest Louise Penny book.  Got it in large print hoping Mom could read it, but --long sigh here --her eyesight and mental retention are so bad she can't.  Not being Catholic, or speaking French, it is a bit hard to understand some of the language.  Will ask Rosey at a later date to translate some for me.
Sara in Fla.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

. . . It I stand on my head, and whistle Dixie. . .

Then I can post here.  I have been reading everyone else's posts and keeping up.
Have been sick with IBS (read tummy) over the past few weeks.  Thurs. was so bad I couldn't stand it any more, had DH take me to doctor.  She sent me to ER for IV saline drip, as I was so dehydrated.  Referral to Gastro. specialist, who I will call first thing tomorrow for an appt.  The dehydtation thing is very serious, I didn't know if the electrolytes got so off, and the potassium too low it can cause a heart attack.  So, that isn't anything I want to happen!
The storm "Sandy" my DH constantly watching the CNN and FOX news, the election, combined with my Mom's age related problems lead me to major anxiety, and that didn't help the IBS either.  Generally, I'm a mess.
But at least I still have my sense of humor.  While lying in the ER getting the IV I started singing to DH--to the tune of the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"  --I'm talking about dehydration, it's giving me excitation, D,D, D, Dehydration.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh.
Missed the quilt guild meeting.  I hated to, as so many members went to Houston. 
Sara in Fla.