Saturday, November 29, 2008

Late Sat. Night

Just checked the board and was happy to see that M.J. reached Arizona but I had no idea that it was such a long drive, Mary Jo. The alternative would be going through the mountains, would it? And if you did this drive all yourself, you must be exhausted. I can relate to that...I drove to Florida and back the year my husband retired (he had a broken ankle and offered to drive in his offer that I did not accept)..I think Ontario is a similar distance to Sarasota, Fla. Shortly after we returned a month later, we flew to Scotland where I had a teaching assignment, then home to prepare for a family wedding....and the shingles. I'm glad you'll have a reprieve of a few months before you head back out west but how do you plan to drive back? And the mice kindly prepared a welcome for you, too. Just what you didn't need to land in on all that mess.

Sarah, my friend, Joan, in Sarasota called this afternoon and their thanksgiving there sounded colder than yours in Florida. Her daughter wanted to have an outdoor turkey supper with guests sitting on hay bales and tiny lights strung throughout the garden. Joan said that all the kids were saying that they could see their breath at night, it was cold. But then, cold, is here in Ontario the past two weeks, more snow than any November I've seen here in the twenty plus years in the country. Pretty though.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Trying again...

And wondering if this will post. No luck at home, but this is AZ and a different computer. Made the trip south down the coastline this year, 2200 miles. Drove from ID to the OR 101, then to SanDiego before heading to Tucson. DH often wondered if he'd see the ocean again while undergoing treatment this summer. Lots of time to walk on the beach and stop at scenic vistas, just lovely. Not fun driving tho. This is my longest solo trip. Hated the freeways (8 lanes) in LA but was only on a short time to connect with SanDiego's. We arrived late Tuesday, cleaned Wednesday and I cooked Thursday. After two weeks of eating out, was ready for that. Unfortunately, much more cleaning is needed. Mice and bugs invaded while we were gone - the exterminator said high humidity caused that. Hate to call them in because of the chemicals, but had to. Will get help with emptying and cleaning out all the cupboards and closets. Am running the dishwasher nonstop, then putting all clean dishes and utensils in plastic bins. Big job here for the next few days. Then, will start quilting.

things I'm thankful for

I'm thankful for the 50% off coupon for Jo-Ann's to get 60mm blades for $22.00 instead of $44.oo.
I'm thankful for the sunshine today. It's about 70 out there.
I'm thankful my DD cooked the Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and it was good. The DGS had terrible table manners, but no one broke any china, and no one fought with each other. Everyone is is "sort-of" good health.
I'm thankful that I don't work at Jo-Ann's! The store was a mob scene at 11:00 AM and there was an hour wait to cut fabric. I'm thankful that I didn't need any fabric.
I'm thankful for the WWQP and all my cyber sisters.
I'm thankful for leftovers.
Sara in n. Fla.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Poorly" husband somewhat better/Thanksgiving

Checking in from north Florida this morning. My DH is feeling well enough to go to church this morning. This is great, as it has been 3 weeks.
The glands in his neck are still sticking out, but his energy level is returning, and his brain isn't so fuzzy. He has a follow-up apt. with the family Dr. tomorrow morning, so hopefully will get a good blood count report. This has been a doozie of an infection!
We have been using our quilts in the last week. A cold snap of 35 to 40 is news here. It is good for the A/C heating business, as things had been slow for a month.
Thanksgiving--I know our Canadian sisters have had their's and other countries don't have the same traditions. It is one of those holidays that can't be "retailed" to death as Christmas has become. I'm thankful this year for my DH's better health, and that DD is hosting the big dinner on Thursday. This is her first year of doing so, and I'm so glad. All I'm doing is bringing mashed potatoes.
I did meet our running group downtown yesterday morning at 7:00. Burrr. it was about 33 degrees on the riverfront. The sunrise over one of the downtowm bridges, with a group of runners going across was a beautiful sight. We did 6 miles in the cold and wind. Slow, about 17:30 pace, but we all finished well.
Ok, off to shower and fix breakfast. Thankful that the sun is out.
Sara in No. Fla.