Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh yea !

Spurred on by my success this morning I thought I would try again.  Here is a photo of the two dogs taken last summer. I was busy gardening and they were taking a short rest in the shade.  Gemma is the one furthest from the camera.  Happy days...

Marion     (where the sun came out at lunch time, bringing high temperatures.  I am now wearing shorts and a tee- shirt, for the first time this spring !)

My goodness !

What a surprise !  Here I am on the posting page with out being faced with lots of complicated form filling !!.  I had quite thought that my "posting" days were over. I've been trying ,off and on, for weeks and always the same long and complicated form appeared.  Today(inspired by Sarah's post !) I thought I would try again and it took me straight to this .... Great.

Rosey, your kitchen looks warm and inviting.  Nice to see where you spend so much of your time.  I loved the previous photo of the autumn colours too.  So restful.

Our unsettled spring weather continues.   We've mostly had a cold and blustery week. We had a nice sunny day at the beginning of the week and I had a very productive day in the garden. So much to do out there but it's really not pleasant in this cold wind.

A sad day on Tuesday.  Our good friends lost their Beagle dog. She ran out on the road and was killed instantly.  The dog, Gemma, used to come here for a "play day "at last twice a week.   Pam didn't always have time to walk her, the two dogs exercised themselves running around our bigger property.  Our Beagle is the same age and they have had this companionship since we got the dogs, six years ago.  When we are away, Holly stays with them, and when they are away, Gemma stays with us.  Ofcourse, Holly doesn't know whats happened and she will be very confused when our friends visit, and her little friend doesn't hop out of the car...    

On a brighter note, we had a happy few days last week with DD#2 in Auckland. Just a quick trip to catch up with them all.  She has three teenagers now, so it's a noisy and busy household.... The grand-daughter (coming up 17) has bought her first car ! She has a Thursday night and Saturday job in a shoe shop, and had saved $2000 since March.  Her parents  had said that they would help her find a car when she had saved that amount, thinking that it would take her forever... They should have known.... Anyway. All seems well. She drove me around and I felt perfectly safe with her.  She is on a restricted licence, can't drive any unlicenced passenger, can't be on the road after 10pm., that sort of thing.

Thank you for all of those who have kept this page alive. I will keep trying and hope that it will always be as easy as it has been this morning !

Marion .

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dang! Trying to post

OK-this the 5th try in so many days.  Google blog doesn't seem to like me.  Tried 3 times on the I-pad, now trying the desk 'puter.  I was making a comment about Rosey's kitchen.  I have the same stove.  (not that that means anything)  We remodeled the kitchen in white abt. 8 or 9 years ago.
Did a 5K last Sat.  The Marine Corps had a 5K with their 1/2 marathon.  I had done the 1/2 about 5 years ago, but think those days are gone.  Got very dehydrated 5 years ago, and remember how terrible it was.
Am looking forward to our "hometown retreat" with guild Fri.Sat. and 1/2 Sunday.  Bring any project, set up machines Fri. morning and just quilt.  We paid a fee, and breakfast,lunch and dinner are provided.  Will sleep at the condo at the beach, which makes DH very happy.
We are having our first cool spell today.  Under 80 for the forcast.  Also an end to the wet summer.  Not that I am complaining, It was nice after so many years of drought.  Just have to get out and pull weeds.
Sara in Fla. who is hoping this posts.