Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on DH, stuff

Oh, instert foot in mouth for me!
DH's gall bladder surgery went well, but found out the hard way in the wee hours of Tues. night/ Wed. AM that the codine in the pain meds made him violently sick. Good thing we hadn't planned to give any parties at the house. After a long, exausting night of throwing up everything but his eyeballs, got him so anti-nausea meds on Wed. morning. He is back among the walking as of last evening. Catching up on sleep this morning.
I'm going to mail my brother's birthday present this morning, his birthday is the 24th. I did forget to send out one or two cards, but will just have to let them go while the patient gets my attention. He is just well enough not to want soup anymore.
Gave puppy a bath this morning, and she is doing fine.
It looks that we are going to get my wish of cooler weather on Sunday evening, with wind and a drop into the 30's. Yea!
Will have to remember to bring in my potted tropical plants and cover up the bird-of-paridise.
We were supposed to attend an outdoor bonfire, and cookout tonight. I really don't think DH is up to it, but I would love to go. We already gave our regrets.
The major thing going on right now is visiting a few families in hospitals. One dear GF's son hit a tree driving home about a month ago. The car burst into flames, he was burned over 70% of his body. He is in Gainsville, Fla. at the major burn unit there, the GF, husband, and extended family have picked up and rented a house near the hospital to be there. This girl is a gem. Her DH and his parents left Cuba in 1961 and went to Puerto-Rico. They met at medical school, came to America in the late 80's not speaking a work of English. Selft taught. This son graduated from Harvard, and had just finished graduation from law school, at age 25. We are all thrilled that he is still alive, God must have a wonderful plan for him in the future.
I volunteered to take a Cuban-style dinner to them Christmas eve day. All I know is that it involves mojo pork roast, black beans and rice. LOL, I'm enlisting a neighbor from Miami to go grocery shopping with me to pick out the proper foods. Her DH is also from Cuba.
Time to hit the day!
Sara in Florida

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hello again

Have posted several times but it never comes through. Am not sure why. The last time was after Jill's photo of Mt. Hood. Jill, if you still want the Irish Cream recipe, email me...mj_gustafson.

Packages are wrapped and ready to mail tomorrow. Have a quilty item in each of the kids boxes. Baked 24 dozen cookies in a three day marathon. DH took several platters to his golf buddies, widowers. Mailed 4 packages to family and will take plates to neighbors... Told DH not to expect this again for ten years. It was ten years ago I last did this.

We have had lots of rain in AZ, much needed. After each storm, I have allergy problems from mold. Will see an allergist who may help with other allergens, know they can't do much about the mold. Am fine inside but cannot work outside. No gardening, miss that.

Three quilts are on display to teach from Feb - April, 1-2 sessions a month. Nice and easy, much better that way. Did too many in the month we've been here. Especially with getting ready for Christmas and next term.

No big Christmas plans. Do have the tree up and the place decorated. Was not going to do the tree, but am happy to have it up. And, enjoyed thinking about all the old ornaments - where they came from and who made them. Long history since my first tree in '58. Miss having family here or going there. But DH isn't able to manage, which changes things.

Good to hear from all. Wishing this holiday is your best ever!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gee, Sara...

...I'd love to send you cold....and snow...and frigid winds! We are having a winter like the old days this year. We've already had several nights where the temp fell to -30C and there are already snowbanks. We pay by the season for our snow removal; this year, I think we will really get our money's worth.
Christmas is almost here and I'm not ready - physically or in spirit. This is my year to spend with my mother who is in a nursing home. She doesn't enjoy much of anything any more, so it will be a low-key holiday. DH is coming with me. We'll spend the weekend after new year's with the kids and grandkids, so that 's something to look forward to.
When I'm done work today, I'm going home to bake cookies and listen to Christmas music; that ought to do the trick. Hope you all are better prepared than I am!
Happy holidays from snowy Northern Ontario

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday evening check in

Hi, it's good to hear from people who haven't posted in a while. Glad to know things in N. Z. are warm and good.
DH had out patient surgery for his gall bladder today. It was at the newest hospital, very good doctors and nurses. He was taken into surgery at 11:15 and we were in the car going home by 2:30.
I was impressed with all the staff, the operating doctor, and everyone involved. Evidently when he went to the Dr. for his visit in Nov. it was impressed on him not to wait any longer.
When the doctor came out to speak to me he said he had a "very sick gall bladder". Whatever that means, I'm glad it is gone, and over with.
We had planned to build the grand boys a tree house for Christmas, but will have to give them a piece of lumber and an IOU, since DH isn't allowed to do much for another week. Fortunately, I have some quilty things to do around the house tomorrow, and then Wed. I can get out for an hour or so, and I think the patient will be fine.
If anybody north of Georgia has some cool air (Canada?) please send it down this way. It was 80 here today, and sunny. I would not usually complain about the weather, as I know we live in Florida, but the ticks and fleas don't die when it is warm all the time. Now that we are puppy lovers, would like to get some good cold weather in here for January and Feb.
The grand's church play is Wed. night, which I will attend and leave DH home with soup and the puppy.
On Sat. night our dinner group is getting together for an Italian Christmas night. That should be a lot of fun.
My walking is paying off. Have been losing some inches, the legs are looking better, and feel much better since Nov. Hopefully will continue to improve.
Blessings to all, and to all a good night.
Sara in Florida

News from "Down Under"..

Hello Ladies !

So nice to hear from everybody. My New Years Resolution (should be) to try to post more often. It seems to take an age to sign in and there is no hope of us going onto Broadband .

All is well down here. The weather has been very hot these last few days and the countryside is changing from green to fawn before my very eyes ! The garden has been very pretty and colourful but it's looking a bit scrappy now. Some things are over and the next showing is not quite flowering. Hopefully it will be pretty again for Christmas.

Cleared the sewing room out yesterday (it doubles as a guest room !) The family won't be down until the New Year but I don't want to have to worry about it over Christmas. I've got plenty of hand sewing to do, if I get any time, so I shouldn't miss the sewing machine too much.

A busy time here as Christmas coincides with the end of the school year etc., so there are lots of "end of year" functions to go to. Also , one tries to catch up with friends as Jan/Feb are the holiday months and people tend to disappear, without trace, for weeks on end ! Added to that, we plan to be away in Europe from the end of Feb to the end of April .. Oh dear...there goes another year....

Went to a "Murder Mystery" evening on Friday . Such fun. We all dressed up (1920's) I had problems with the false eyelashes (which I don't usually wear...incase you were wondering...) Not easy to put on (without the aid of specs..) At one stage I had an eye glued closed..!! D.H. thought it would only add to the fun of the evening but I was quite pleased when I was finally able to open my eye again !! It was good to see that my own eyelashes were still in place as well !!

Why deos it always happen at Christmas time ?? The holding tank for the shower upstairs , seems to have sprung a leak. DH is up there now, banging around. He's no handy-man , if we didn't have a problem before, we'll have on when he's finished.. Fortunately, I have to be out all day today. By the time I get home I am predicting that a plumber will have been called in to investigate and solve the problem ..!!

Better go. Enjoy the season.

Checking in from the Northwest

On a sunny day from anywhere in Portland we can find east by looking for Mt Hood. This view is from the top of the street where I now live. Don't scoff--we do have sunny days in the NW.

We bought a big house in Gresham, so I no longer live in a 55 plus community. Sharing a 3 story house with 2 grandchildren and 40+ twin daughters is more fun, less work and noisier than I expected, but we are laying the groundwork to live together as friends without becoming the disaster area that many predicted, and I'm gaining a reputation among the children as the bike fixit lady, although my abilities are best confined to bikes with training wheels. LOL.

One daughter is a dedicated machine piecer, so we share a sewing room; however I am doing a lot more hand piecing and enjoying it immensely, but I'll probably never be as fast or as productive as Jenny Beyer.

Hearing from those who haven't posted for a while makes the season brighter. Keep up the good work.