Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th

Has it really been 13 years since the twin towers and the other terrible attacks on the USA?  I remember it was a Tuesday AM.  I had turned on Alex Anderson on the quilt show, (which was unusual, since I don't watch TV in the morning).  Turned over to the news and saw the twin towers and the planes hit them.  I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing.
This world is a fallen place.  It is good to bring comfort with a quilt, a meal, a kind word, etc.  On this note I'll leave this sad subject.
Going to shower, visit my Mom, and work on a polar fleece jackets for the little dogs.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Does this happen to anybody else ?!?

I don't subscribe to any magazines, so am always pleased to catch up with the "rich and famous' when I sit in a waiting room.  My visits to the Dr are very rare and my visit to the hairdresser, far from regular.  The rich and famous fail to hold my interest but , ah,  the recipes are something else There is always one which I simply MUST have... Therein is my problem....  I am a law abiding citizen in (nearly ) all circumstances, but when I see "that" recipe, my mind goes into overdrive... Can I tear the page out without being noticed ? Can I slip the entire magazine into my bag ?  Shall I ask for a pen and paper (you'll notice that is not my preferred option..)      I'm pleased to be able to relate that I do none of the above but...  the thought is definitely there... I am not a mad keen cook and before I get home I have already forgotten what the recipe was all about ,.... the time..... ????

Am I alone in this ?

Marion. (slightly shamed faced...)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rosey's friend made #1 on best seller list

On reading today's paper I see that Louise Penny, Rosey's good friend is #1 on best seller list, "The Long Way Home" Chief Inspector  Armand Gamache .  I haven't read it or checked out , so don't know what is is about.
Anyone still in touch with Jane in N.C?  We are thinking about spending a week in her area of the USA, in October-November, and wanted to get in touch with her if she is still there.  We like the Sylva-Dillsboro, Highlands area of N.C.  It's been about 10-12 years since we've been there.
I think we are taking the 2 dogs, so will have to rent a cabin.
Finished my purse class yesterday.  It was fun once I got it figured out.  Still having eye problems, will se eye Dr. at 9:30 AM tomorrow.
Sara in Fla.