Saturday, November 2, 2013

How is everyone? Quiet board

Updates--It is clearing weather here after a night of thunderstorms and rain.  The big Florida/Georgia football game is downtown, thankfully we are not there.   100.000 or so people (most of whom are drinking alcohol) is not my cut of tea.
I have finished my pre-work for the Proton Beam treatment that starts on Monday.  Had to have some
mild Ambian (sedation) to get me through the last bit, but thankfully it worked.  I'm to take it 30 min. before each treatment.  Having things pulling at your eye is not painful, but anxiety producing.
So, finishing up the strips for 1 grandson's quilt in the next hr.  One of my quilty girlfriends gave me the clover yo-yo makers for my birthday gift.  I'm hoping to make a 14 x 14 " little wreath wall hanging of green yo-yo's.  Found it in  a magazine.
What is going on in Canada?   New Zealand?  Anywhere else?
Sara in Fla.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Are there any updates on the Australian fires?
I was so sad to hear about Libby Lehman.  Strokes are terrible things (see the other page if you haven't read this article)
As for my eye update--Did too much on Friday.  If any of you are nurses you will know about Vagal reactions--the nerve in the brain that regulates heart rate.  Since the eye is so close to the nerve it got "hit" causing me to pass out.
So, am going back for a check with the eye Dr. at Mayo at 3:30 today, then plan to have treatment #1 on Wed. at 1PM.  Hopefully.  The Dr. Eye Dr. says he is going to confer with the antheisia Drs. and see what can be perscribed to keep the nerve calm.  Maybe a Valium type drug.  The problem is that I have to be awake to respond to comands -look up, down, etc.
Sara in Fla. who is currently at the beach,