Tuesday, May 1, 2012

. . and then the dog runs away!

I got up this morning with intentions of 30 min. of prayer and Bible study, 30 min. of putting on the binding of the last quilt.  Etc. Peace, pre-dawn the DH is still in bed.  So, after letting the 4 legged children out, feeding them, having cup of coffee #1, I let them out for the 2nd time.  Drat if one little fur-child doesn't dig out somewhere and run off.   No peace, no morning yoga, no sympathy from DH. 
She finally returned and was in the garage when DH decided to go look for her before work.  I had gone out 5 or 6 times, called, walked other dog, etc.  After a good scrub in the tub she is on the bed and at lest safe at home.
The stress is just overwhelming me.  I want to crawl in a hole, runaway, or something.  Can't even make it to a yoga class.  Have been reaching out to GFs, but most of them are working full time and have the same time as others, family, kids, grands, etc.
Thanks to all for letting me vent.  I'm working on finding a new chiro. Doc. who does acup. who is located on this side of town and takes my insurance. Nothing is instant.  Mom is doing OK, brother doing so-so, I've gotten so I don't want to answer the cell phone because it is another problem.
So, I'm working on understanding how to post here also.  Some days easier than others in BLOG land.
ROSEY-how is the pollen your way?
JANE-have you made any decisions on moving somewhere?  Please do it on your own, with help and input from friend before others have to do it for you.
OK-going to have some cold water and do that 30 min. with the binding.  It's too early in the day for wine.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, April 30, 2012

WWQP Bulletin Board Chat

WWQP Bulletin Board Chat

I may have discovered how to post

And if that is so, I don't have a darn thing interesting to say.  Could give you an update on  my health.  Have you heard of BOOP--a  kind of pneumonia which I have been fighting since the first of the year.  Today they pick up the oxygen tanks and condenser--yay, I'm well.  Several of my doctors have smiled at the Betty Boop connection.  To celebrate I got myself a new car--a Kia Soul, bright red.  I love it and now have a car that my grandkids are not ashamed to ride around in.  They would prefer a Hummer, but that's not about to happen.

Ok, let's see if this posts.