Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot & Humid

Sara, you have such interesting posts. I can read about the weather in Florida, which makes me feel that I know a little of the weather in Sarasota where my friend, Joan, lives. Then, I learn about the tile man; a soldier who has been missing for eighteen years. It's great to read what happens in other people's lives. Oftentimes, it's the little things that remind us that we all lead similar lives at some point, some age, somewhere.

Summer has arrived in Ontario, Canada, with a wallop. Smog warnings in Toronto. Talking to friend, Margaret, tonight, who lives in an apt. in Toronto and the air in the hallways, she said, was even bad. It was humid and hot in the country and with six guests tonight and missing two or three fans for the broke, one is downstairs by the woodstove and dirty and I haven't the energy to wash it, the other is in place and I'm hoping, it cools down before the guests arrive home for bed. Don't think it's going to happen. It's very humid. We've had a wonderful summer so far, cooler considerably, but most people seem to enjoy it unless you are at a cottage and then, it's not been great.

I've been on my feet all day and am bushed. Six people to feed in the morning. The dogs way to the back of us on another acreage are's 10 pm and I often wonder what they hear in the dead of night to bark at. The coyotes seem to be getting food elsewhere for I haven't heard them in close for some time. I'm off to bed with Lucy Maud Montgomery and her life story written by another author. She wrote: Anne of Green Gables.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Scott Speicher/ there was a quilt involved

Good Friday evening to everyone. In case your national news / world news didn't cover it--Capt. Scott Speicher, USN was memorialized and laid to rest today in Jacksonville, Fla. I think what made the big impact on our city is that he was shot down in his F-18 the first night of the Gulf war in Jan. 1991. It seems that 1,000s lined the streets today on the route to the memorial wall downtown, and his final resting place, the actual funeral was a private family only ceremony.
The reason that this is strikes such a chord here is that he was raised in town, was a local Sunday School teacher at his church, and was so loved by the city. I think he represented all the emotions of all the Navy community and just average people. He was missing in action for 18 years, declared dead, reversed, and then his remains were found in Iraq last week. They were close to the wreck of his plane.
QUILT tie in--the news reporters were interviewing several people who lined the road in front of his H.S. and one family was holding a quilt that was made by a lady in Ohio, and sent to her friend here to try to present to the family. It was somewhat hard to see, but had red, white and blue blocks with pictures of him and Navy patches.
Hopefully the family will be able to receive the quilt, as I'm sure it was made with lots of love.
We quilters get around!
On that somber note, I borrowed 2 DVDs from the library and will watch them tonight while DH is still working. Their computer system crashed, and one office person is on vacation, so he has had a hard week and day.
My Fair Lady is #1 DVD, and Wait Until Dark, with Audrey Hepburn is #2.
The dog is shaking because of the thunder storms, lots of rain, and wind here.
Hope you all have a good evening. Don't forget the impact a simple quilt can make on a family!
Sara in somber Jax. Fla.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here is a quilt top I put together in colors that remind me of our Maui trip. The fabric was purchased at Colorz for Quiltz in Brainerd MN two years ago for the Karla Alexander pattern from her New Cuts for New Quilts book. A perfect reminder.

checking in for Thursday

Tile work--finally played telephone tag with the tile co. and they arranged for the tile man to come back out today and finish the 1/4 and baseboard.
Yes, you would think that "finished" would mean put stuff back or install new stuff, but no. I'm finding out that the English language can mean different things to different people!
Going to take a lie down on the couch before the tile guy gets here. Some friends from 30 yrs. ago called last week and asked if they could spend the night last night, as they had an early morning flight out at the local airport.
At the time I said sure, no problem. They got here 2 hrs. later than they said and got up at 3:30 AM to catch the 5:30 AM flight to Seatle WA. They are going on a cruise to Alaska. I'm glad to help old friends, but forgot the dog thinks anyone in the house making noise is an intruder. She barked at 3:30, etc. Yawn. Z.Z,---Z---
I tried a yoga class at the Y yesterday morning, early AM. It's been over 6 weeks, am sore now. Used muscles that had not been used in awhile. Still taking it easy and going at 1/2 speed so as not to put too much presure on the eyes. They are improving a little each day, and don't want to mess it up.
OK, the couch is calling my name.
Sara in Fla. --soggy now that thunder storms raged through last night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The never ending re-do

Why does it seem that no one seems to want to finish up a project correctly? My tile person did a great job of laying the tile, it is on a 45 degree angle, even, grout nice. However he said he wasn't responsible for laying the baseboard back in the bathroom, or the 1/4 round down that he took up. Now I ask you, don't you think it is reasonable to expect things to be "finished" looking when the job is finished?
I called the tile co. that sub-contracted with him and gently asked if they thought someone could come out and finish up. This got their attention, and hopefully the guy will be back tomorrow and actually finish.
I got grout sealer this morning after running errands.
Maybe I'll have the energy this evening to do it.
95% of the dust is now gone, still finding some.

OK, enough of that.
DD and DSIL are still planing to sell their house and go to North Dakota.
For a few days there I thought they were re-thinking the idea. They contacted a real estate agent, he gave them a list of things to fix up--paint closets, fix holes in the walls in garage, paint, CLEAN, etc. This will take a few weeks, so I'm going to spend as much time with the grans as possible.
I think the beach would be a good thing for Sat. evening. There certainly won't be any beach in N.D.
As you can tell by this post, I'm a bit down about their potential move.
It's my opinion that they are going with their new friends in a cult-like situation. No jobs, no place to live, just wanting a change in lifestyle. Well, you can sell your house and change your life style in Fla. as well as anywhere else!
OK, I'll quit venting and go back to cleaning.
Sara in Fla.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

judges comments

Another thing I just now remembered from the classes I've taken about "what judges look for": They do take into consideration the design, colors, visual impact and appeal, etc. Kaudeen Hansen told us at an AQS workshop in Paducah, many years ago, that when the judges have narrowed the field to eight awesome quilts and there are only four prizes, then they start looking at the picky, anal-retentive stuff like binding, mitered binding corners being stitched closed, etc. It has become the only way they can choose fairly when there are more great quilts than prizes.

So Lavinia, If your quilt appears perfect to your eyes, perhaps the judges had to brutally dissect it because it was in stiff competition with the prizewinners. It can still be taken as a compliment. :o)