Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sisters Quilt Show

As in past years, I hope you will post all your wonderful pictures of the Sisters show. I thoroughly enjoy them and want to thank you in advance for a cyber quilt show!
Phyllis in Minnesota

Having trouble posting here for the last few days.
Marion, the pictures are breathtaking.
The pink and white quilt on the other board is beautiful also.
I received back the quilt I sent off to the UK show last fall. Right now I forgot who suggested we enter, but mine came back yesterday. It is titled Explosion of color, an arty type small wall hanging. I hope the people who saw the exibition in the UK liked the Florida-type sunny colors (colours to them)
DORRIS-and others, thanks for the Gore-Tex lessons. DH & I did a Dick's Sporting goods store run on Saturday. He found a Walter Hogan golf jacket with Gore-Tex on a super sale. There was "0" in the line of jackets for me. This is Florida, and July, so wasn't expecting to find anything really.
I did snag a super deal on another pair of Asic gel running shoes, normally $119.00, but with the coupons, special sale, ect, they were $72.00 before tax. Now I have 2 pair just alike, so can rotate them for the jog/walk/run practice. I'll buy the waterproofing stuff Dorris mentioned for the old pair to take on vacation, along with the waterproofing for the Eddie Bauer jacket. I really like the jacket, so want to continue to use it.
Haven't been doing any quilting since Monday, hurt my neck and back on Sunday morning, and finally got to the chiro. Dr. this morning. Fortunately I wasn't seriously hurt, a med. size ice chest fell on my left shoulder and neck area. I was putting something in the cabinet in the garage, and it was on top. When I closed the door I guess the vibration caused it to slide down. It didn't hit the SUV, just me. The adjustment now makes me "well adjusted".
We are going to Murphy, N.C. on Saturday for a week with the DD/DSIL, and all the blessings. Taking the kayaks, bikes, etc. This is our first vacation with all the gang, so hope it will be wonderful. The rental house is on one of the rivers, so hope to get some kayaking, tubing, etc. in. I want to go to the John C. Campbell Folk School on Friday night to hear the bluegrass music. Don't think the boys will like that, so we may split up. Not going to be a camp director, they can do their thing, we can do some together, some apart. There are 3 bathrooms, a must with our group.
I'll report back after we return.
Thanks again for all the help. Quilters are the greatest!
Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yep Mary I'll be behind the ice cream shop at 2!
We will probably be about done by then.
We start really early to avoid the heat.
It's such a big treat for me since I'm so vacation
deprived. They say we will have some cooling by the
weekend, so I can only hope they will have the same.

A big bunch of us had lunch today with a former shop
owner & teacher from our area. She comes back this time
of year to help Jean Wells with the show & it's such a treat
to see her. We all still miss her terribly. We established a wonderful
tight knit quilting community thanks to her & her shop.
Many of her small groups are still together as well as our Quilt Til
You Wilt Group.

Thanks Marion, loved those beautiful Mountains!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Sisters Quilt Show, Saturday, July 12

Anyone planing on being in Sisters next weekend for the quilt show? If so a few of us plan to meet at 2 PM in the courtyard behind the ice cream shop. Feel free to stop by and have a small rest and chat. :-) Let's keep our fingers crossed that it isn't TOO, TOO hot!

Marion, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures. Those white mountains made me feel so much cooler. :-)

Hope to see a few of you in Sisters!

Mary in Oregon