Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Gudrun Sjoden Curtains

After having purchased synthetic white lace material to make my studio window curtains, I became less inspired because what I really wanted were the eco-cotton Gudrun Sjoden curtains and so I waited awhile to really think about this some more.  Then, one day I decided that I wouldn't be happy with the synthetic lace (it's hard to bleach the sun stains out of synthetic cloth but the cotton, I can whiten more easily...that was my reasoning (aside from having to use my sewing machine to make the other curtains up) and so I ordered three panels of ready-made curtains.  As you can see, they are filmy 'lawn' type of cotton cloth, gauzy enough to almost see through but not entirely, so they are very light and airy looking.  The new curtains arrived when my friend Beckie was here quilting and she and I spent the morning stroking the cloth because it is so fine.  Each curtain came in its own little bag of white (ecru actually) cotton with ties.  We are going to cut up the bags and use them in a quilt sometime.   I hemmed the curtains up by hand and hung them with the tie tops.  It doesn't take much to entertain me these days believe me, I am thrilled with them.  However, my desk tops and studio floor were a mess.  So, the curtains led to the purchase of an Ikea storage unit (below the desk) which eliminated a mess beneath the desk and when I can afford it, another will be purchased to sit beneath the table top to the right.  After that, I looked at my book case and deep-sixed a lot of stuff out of there.  I'm still working my way around the floor of the studio as this is where a lot of clutter collects aside from the top of the tables.  My rulers and T-squares got hung on the back of the door leading out to the back porch and I'm feeling so virtuously tidy now that I don't want to start another project because it will get all messed up in here again.  I think I'll look at it tidy for awhile.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sisters Quilt Show

FINALLY!!  Jill on left, Mary on right at Sisters Quilt Show

  Hope everyone is doing well!
Hugz, Mary in Oregon

Last attenpt :-(

Gads but it's miserable to try and post!  Anyone interested in creating a group on Facebook??  Please!?

I'm unable to post a picture but met Jill from Portland at the Sisters Quilt Show yesterday.  It was another wonderful show made all the more special by having the opportunity to chat with Jill for a few minutes.  It was great.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Mary in Oregon