Saturday, June 20, 2015

You know you're getting old, when...............

We don't get a newspaper out here in the country.  The cost is exorbitant and so I've relied on friends to let me know.  Well, this past week one of our friends with whom both J & I grew up with summers at the cottage, died.  I wasn't aware of her illness (ovarian cancer) over the past year and she went down suddenly after putting a lot of effort into her remaining life.  I found out the day before her memorial service, which we attended this past Tues.  Some people collect people and our friend did just that with a heart of gold.  The church was packed to standing room only.  She would have been working the crowd had she been there.  And so as a result, I have the URL of the obituary page of the Toronto Globe & Mail now posted on my tool bar.  Why didn't I did this years ago.  We're at the age where our friends are dropping like flies.  And then, one day we will, too....however, like Scarlet O'Hara, I'll think about that tomorrow.

And to make this quilty...I searched through my pictures and found this quilt which I designed years ago and which some of my quilting students back then, made.  Later, when I entered art college I took it into the college to have it critiqued by one of my instructors.  The reason I went to art college was just to understand, if I could, how design worked on a 2-dimensional surface in a balanced way.  The critique offered was that there was a weakness in design on the inner border.  I could easily see what the instructor meant.  I must make the quilt again some day and redesign that section of the quilt.

I am used to having my work critiqued because of my years (as a mature student) at the art college but in submitting my work to juried exhibits and reading the critiques later when the quilts are returned, it's interesting how frequently I am told there must be more quilting on my work.  There are times when I don't want the quilting to take the eye away from the design itself and with one going out shortly, I deliberately did not have a certain portion quilted any more than necessary due to the image.  I almost feel that it needs to go out with a note attached saying...I did not want this section quilted because it represents something that would normally not appear to be quilted. 

But I won't.