Saturday, November 15, 2014

mary Jo? Where is 'the valley?'

This is a posting by Mary Jo G.  Had to put my question in there hoping she'll respond.  We're farther north than she is, I know, and we're just now having cold enough weather to snow.
Rosey......................and her posting service for all......................................
Four days ago it was 56 and sunny.  All of the flowers were in bloom.  We had a hard freeze overnight and I put the yard to bed.  The high that day was 34.  Then it began to snow.  We now have 8" and 275 auto accidents in this valley.  The first snow seems to bring out the worst.  I'm staying in and enjoying the new quilt room.  Our high for the next few days will be 25 and the low 9 degrees.

When all was put in its proper place upstairs, I found 24+ UFO's.  Stopped counting then, and started evaluating.  Several are destined to become Christmas gifts. Some are old and going to charity.  Finished two of them this past week and am working on the third.  It is a crazy quilted piece that is becoming a tote bag.  Should finish it today.  Am debating whether or not to piece the handles...  Have plenty of the lining which was also the focus fabric.  It is a bright spring green paisley with pinks, blues and yellows.  

The new furnace is working well.  I'm happy with the two cats, NPR and a hot cup of tea upstairs. Certainly have enough to keep me busy.   Have purchased baby monitors and need to set them up so I can hear the doorbell should anyone come.  The room had little use before.  Grandkids stayed there when visiting in the summer.  John's library was up there.  But the room was too cold to enjoy.  Nice change now.  Still need to finish the big ironing board and organize the wool.  

Will take the camera up with me and post some pics of it all.


Monday, November 10, 2014

page is getting harder & harder to find

Sometimes I can get on, and others-??
I try to remember to put in wwqpblogger, but don't always.  So, glad for a check in.
Looks like the Canada/middle of the USA, from South Dakota to Minn. is getting hit with really cold weather and snow.  I talked to my DD last night-praise- they are finally moving out of the cramped 2bd. 1 bath little badly insulated house to 5 mi. away to a 4 bd. room 2 bath, much better insulated place.  She wanted prayer that the snow would hold off until after the 15th, as that is when the beds, etc. are being moved (with pick up truck). So far, so good.  This place is about 2,000 sq.feet, with a 2 car garage and large kitchen and -drum roll--a dishwasher.
I went to family Dr. on Thursday, she was full of good ideas as to how to fight aging, anxiety, etc.  For the 2 and 1/2 years Mom has been with me I thought that anxiety was heredity, but she says no, it can be overcome with exercise, healthy eating (high quality fats, nuts, oils).. She told me yoga at least once a week, walking 3X a week, etc.  So-hopefully that my mental state will improve over the next 2 months.  Nothing is instant.
Still slowly working on pink & white quilt for DD, the one with "Minkie"    on the back.  It will be heavy, but at least something "girly" in a house full of men.  One DGS is now 18, the second is turning 17 this week.  Yikes.
Our house is off the market until next Feb-March or so.  We can have some peace for our Thanksgiving and Christmas while we again tackle de-cluttering, packing up.
And oh-I've shrunk 1 inch!
My Mom is totally in the bed now, unable to stand, thankfully the hospice people have a good handle on things-for the most part.  Saw her this AM about 11:00.
Sara in Fla.