Friday, May 1, 2015

There was no more room after posting the cover of Louise Penny's new book and the link.  Her book is coming out in August of this year and may be pre-ordered.  I know there are some who enjoy reading her here on the board.

Spring is gradually coming to Southern Ontario, Canada.  When I drove into the city (Toronto) last Sunday as a guest speaker at the 40th Anniversary Luncheon of the Etobicoke Quilters Guild which I formed in 1975, I noticed how different the colours were as I drove southward.  We live on the Niagara Escarpment and as I drove down off the escarpment, I found the grass had turned green, about fifteen minutes south of us; our grass was still yellowish brown, the colour we live with from December to April, when the ground is not covered in white snow.  I wonder why snow is collectively white when a snowflake is crystal clear.  My search engine would tell me this curiosity, I must look it up.  I seem to be dragged out of mothballs for a speech every ten years.  It was a lovely experience and believe it or not, there were some very early members there; one hundred quilters attended.  Forty years has passed so quickly.  The space of one lifetime, when one gets older, passes by and with such intensity can I remember what it was like forming the second quilt guild in Canada at that time yet I am not remembering people's names, at times, without some challenges.  We are often too late, smart.  Youth thinks life will go on forever; it never occurs to us that we will grow old until one day, we do.  People say to me now:  you should do this or you should do that 'before it's too late' and I think, yes, but what I want to do may be different to what they want to do....Interesting how each of us, if we have a choice, grow  I refuse yet to consider myself 'old' although my age would belie this.
RoseyP in Canada

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday afternoon

Catching up. It looks like my post here was the last one. We have had 2 weekends of company. Last weekend was a niece, husband and 1 year old. Such a nice, young family. they live in the upper part of No. Carolina and drove down to see my Mom, and got a 1/2 day of sun at the beach. This Sat. and today 3 dear friends, one from West Palm Beach, the others from Sebastian Inlet area of Fla. came for just over 24 hrs. Dear, dear friends. From when we all lived in West Palm Beach, and went to church together there. The DD in No. Dakota posted pictures of 2 of the DGS's pictures in Tux. for last night prom. Wow! At 15 and 17 they are handsome young men. This week we had the exciting news that SIL received the transfer he wanted to go from being a crop adjuster in N. D. to South Carolina. He will be driving alone in the middle of May, and the DD and boys will follow in June after school is out. It will be a new, hopefully good chapter in their lives. We are thrilled that they will be only about a 4 or 5 hr. drive from us. I don't know how DD will manage to pack up everything, at least they are renting, so won't have to worry about selling a house. Others have done it, and I'm sure the teen boys will help. Still haven't finished the Quilt studio (as I was instructed to call it). But Laura and Rosie are in agreement with a book I read about the UV light fading the fabric. I will have to find room in drawers, and put some type of shelving in the closet. There have been 3 or 4 showings on the house, but no takers yet. Thankful that the work there is finished. The one little dog is adjusting well to living in an apartment-like setting, the other is not. So I have to walk them - down the elevator, etc. several times a day. Hot today, almost 90 here, but better than the storms, and tornados that hit the greater area yesterday afternoon. One friend post pictures of the back of her house that was damaged by falling trees, and a tornado going through yard. Scarry. All OK at the beach area today. Sara in Fla.