Friday, September 23, 2011

Pamela Allen

Grace, You're lucky to have exposure to her. I've seen pictures of her work and I think she'll be a lot of fun to be with in a workshop. I wish our guild up here would consider bringing her in.

We also do distance in terms of time. Fortunately, our roads are fairly straight forward and not through the mountains, as Jane is dealing with...brave woman living on your own in the mountains of North Carolina. Stay as long as you can, Jane...the freedom is not something that we older folks always have an opportunity of taking.


need encouragement?

or at least some feedback. I have signed up for a day seminar with our quilt guild and Pamela Allen. Went to her web site and what great work. Very different and very artistic.I like to look at them , but am unsure if I would ever like to make one like it.(as if that could happen??? LOL)
What I need to know is do you get any ideas, I know I would get help because I hear she is very good. Would anything that she does ever fit in anything that I would do??Am I clear??
Maybe some of you have taken a course with her or maybe visited her web site.
Let me know what you think because I am torn on what to do Thanks in advance . I am in a dilemma

Thursday, September 22, 2011


It applies to the mountains in the south east as well. My quilt guild meetings are only about 35 miles from here and it takes an hour on a good day and longer if I get stuck behind a logging truck or trailer hauling a huge load of hay. I have to go west/southwest then north, then west, then south to Franklin. It's 1.5 hrs to Asheville and is 75 miles by road and probably about forty as the crow flies. There was only one traffic light between my place and downtown Sylva, the county seat, when we started vacationing here in mid 80s. Now there are at least 6, probably more. It's 18 miles to downtown Sylva for me and it often takes 40 minutes. It's also beautiful and quiet as it is now at 8:50 pm except for the sound of tree frogs, an occasional owl and, they tell me, coyotes. Sadly once I remove my hearing aids at bed time I don't hear any of these songs of the night.


Must be a western thing, Sara

We always measure distance in hours around here. The town we lived in for 20 years was 2-1/2 hours from the nearest stoplight until they installed one in the little town just over an hour away. We were still at least 2-1/2 hours from the nearest McDonald's, no matter which direction you went. When we moved to a town that was only an hour and a half from the big city, we thought we weren't even isolated any more!

When people ask how long it takes to get to the town (population 100) where our cabin is, we tell them that it's three hours in the summer and up to five hours in the winter, depending on whether the main road is open or not.

Glad to hear that your kids and grandkids are doing so well. Living out in the boonies can be very beneficial for kids these days.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Eveng

How wonderful to see all the posts....and the pixs.......I have just gotten off the phone with the elusive Maggie Meadow Mouse .....she is still alive and still living where she was in the wilds of Nortthwestern Ontario....she says HI to everyone.....over the phone I got her to the "new" chat page and as we were talking she promised me she was sending a request to hopefully we will see a post from her soon ! And since she made a bookmark to be able to get back to the page I know she will be reading everyone encourage MMM to get back to an occasional posting! She lives a very busy life for a retired person...but then again...don't we all....

Bee congratulations on your new granddaughter.......what a wonderful name of Eden !

Life here is busy as usual with the grandsons.....but now I have none of them to look after for about 9 is off to Vancouver with his parents for a wedding and the other two are flying for the first time to meet up with their Dad for a bit of holidays in Southern Ontario ..... I do pity their 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old.....their excitement over this trip is very verbal and enthusiastic ! I will miss them but will enjoy this rest.....tomorrow we will take those two imps out for supper and a bit of playtime with us before they take their great adventure....

Speaking of adventures.....Sara.....glad your trip went reasonably well and you were able to see the grands in their home is difficult when they
are so far away but maybe that trip with the grand canyon detour will tempt you to go back......

Well it has been a long day and I am going to hopefully not get up too too early since we won't have any early arrivals......I don't know the last time I slept in much past what has become our norm......I will keep my fingers crossed but not my toes! that will just cause cramps !

Hope everyone is well....take care.....


Back home, plan to stay here a while

Hi ya'll. Got back home from the big trip to N. Dakota by way of Winnipeg, Canada last Thurs. in the wee hours. It was wonderful to see the grand boys in their own element. Went to the Elem. school and met a few of the teachers and toured the school. When DD said "small town" I didn't realize she meant SMALL town. Dirt-gravel road, a post office as big as 1/2 my family room, cafe, gas station, school. A few houses, half of them empty. That's it.
On the good side, the boys can do those outdoor thing such as target practice with the .22 rifle and archery (DH bought them a set and showed them how to use it).
One and 1/2 hrs. to Grand Forks for any major grocery, restaurant, and so on.
The farms were beautiful, fields of corn as far as you can see, harvesting sugar beets, so lots of large trucks on the road and combines in the fields. On the down side, to get around the farms there is 1 hr. drive here, 2 hr. drive there. We were not prepared for all the driving.
Grain elevators in the center of each small town. The RR goes through each town to get the grain, etc. A very different way of life to be sure. (wind farms-oh-how beautiful)
We had beautiful weather, 80, blue sky almost every day. The day we left a low pressure system was coming in from Canada bringing cooler temps, and a raging headache for me. Spent the night before the flight throwing up, throbbing head. DH finally said "enough" you're going to the Dr. which I did on Friday. They both thought it is migraine caused by weather changes and the stress of travel. I tend to agree.
The 3 hr. trip back to the airport was torture, as was the flight home. Don't know if I'll ever go back again. There are pics. in the digital camera, and will post some as soon as the battery re-charges and can sit down for 30 min. Catching up on laundry, etc.
The cleaning lady who comes faithfully broke her foot, can't work for 5 more weeks! Have moped, dusted, etc. all day and the house isn't that big.
Looking forward to seeing Doris W. when she comes down with DH to Amelia Island. Don't know yet if we will meet up at the quilt show on Fri. -depends on my DH and his wanting to go to Daytona for the weekend. We have had rain, rain, and more rain in the last 3-4 hours, and there is supposed to be the same for the next 4 days.
Doris-hope your DH has a plan "B" in case the golf is rained out.
Sara in Fla.

Oh My !!

Not only am I impressed but remembering the retreat with great fondness and good memories, I'd do it again as long as 'himself' behaved himself this time round.......a slight burp in that week which turned out to be, for me, extremely stressful and so I would like to publicly thank Doris, Jean, Celia P & daughter Stacie, Maggie MM for keeping me laughing...Jane, won't forget you in there too....and all the others who, while knowing something was amiss, kept the retreat afloat and everyone in good humour. And can I ever forget setting up the marquee outside with Curt's (from Minn.) help, floating balloons on the back of a chair and finding the legs sinking into the soft ground and grass; of minister friend Penny saying the grace (not our Grace), of the wonderful supper at The Globe Restaurant in Rosemont, of travelling to Guelph to Greenwood Quiltery; of the Dufferin Piecemakers Quilt exhibit....they are having one in another two then I may be too long in the tooth to remember my own But the quilts shown here are beautiful, Joleen, Irene, you've warmed my heart twice over.

Bee, welcome to Eden Grace...what a lovely name. Congratulations, Grandma.

Today, I am having a large chain link dog run installed. Have one now but placed it under white pine trees and it's always been dark and damp. This one is for AnnieBelle, the hooligan pup, 8 mos. old today. We are having a horse operation move back in here next door and while I love horses, herding dogs and horses are a bad mix.

The golden rod in the fields is making everything bright yellow, himself has gone out to the gliding club, thank heavens, out from under foot; Mary is here cleaning today...a blessing that happens every two weeks....and I'm just staying ahead cleaning up my mess.

Thank you for the memories. It was a great week for me in spite of the stress created here with himself. My appreciation to Jean for her great business skills; to my other 'house-mates' that week who kept me laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks. I won't forget it, either.


Another setting of Rosey's Retreat blocks

Hopefully, there will be a picture of Celia B. with her quilt in this post. Since we were meeting in Canada in the fall, the group that went to Rosey's decided to make maple leaves for a block swap. Joleen in MN again.

Rosey's Retreat

Irene - Thanks for sharing a picture of your quilt - I love it. Celia B. brought hers to Mayme's retreat and I copied her setting (with her permission, of course). I am going to try to post a picture - I took it this morning with my ipod so I'm not sure how good it will be. The quilt does bring back wonderful memories of Rosey's retreat. Maggie MM and I made a quilt for Kitty while we were at the retreat - I have a picture of that one somewhere! I might have to look for it.... Joleen in MN

retreat blocks

IRENE - I love your quilt. I had pulled my blocks out several weeks ago, trying to figure out a setting to get a lap-size quilt out of them, because they are all so gorgeous. I was thinking of doing an alternate block setting but lack creativity. I love your sashing and the setting. Hhmmm.... back to my drawing board!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Memories, memories, good memories.

I have finally assembled the top made from the blocks we traded at Rosey’s retreat, Sept 2004.

If your ears have been burning it’s because I have been reminiscing with my quilt buddies and thinking about you a lot. What a wonderful trip. Rosey, are you ready for another?

Some blocks were not signed, L but the following ladies are fondly remembered. Nelly, ON; Betty OR; Linda; Marie MD; Stacie, NB; Joleen, MN; Sondra CA; Celia VA; Katharine OH; Doris, TN; Grace ONT; Jane ; Diane ; Celia NB; Celia VA; Margaret ONT

What a precious keepsake! Irene in Kirkland, WA.

Thank you for the great comments

she came to lunch today, born on Friday by Ceasarean and out today. Eden just lay asleep while we had lunch and not a peep out of her. darn I will never wake a baby but felt she could co-operate a little more. Jo wanted to show me something on the computer and we left Eden in her capsule in the lounge with Cara watching her, she came flying to us in a real panic as the baby moved!!!!! She is going to be a real little mother.I don't know where the name came from but I have heard of quite a few since she was born. Marion, I am not watching the Rugby as it is the wrong shape ball for me! Should be round. Auckland has gone overboard about the games, there are flags flying on the cars and all the talk is about who won last night. Some of my friends have gone to Aussie and I don't blame them. I am looking forward to next Saturday as my DS1 is going to drive aV8 at Pukekohe racetrack , he apparently drives round with a proper driver and is shown the track and then is let loose, talk about a kid counting the sleeps. he collects small racing cars but this is the first time to drive one. Must remember the camera. Hugs for now Bee in still wet NZ.