Saturday, March 27, 2010


So good to hear your news Bee, you are very fortunate to have family around you to support you at this time. I hope that your DH will be home this week and that your dog will make room for him in your bed !. Loved the comments about the ear licking !!!

Cooler weather down here today. Not quite "panti hose" weather, but not far off !! I just love the easy dressing of summer. Shorts and a T-shirt and you're ready to go..

It's not even Easter yet and we have already made our bookings to H.K. for Christmas.. (DD#1 is living there) Seems ridiculous doesn't it ? We won't have to pay until October but, this way we won't be liable to price increases... That's the theory anyway... This is a big deal for our family. DD#2 and family also will try to be there (with some considerable financial help !) If we manage it, it will be the first time that the two girls and their families will have been together for seven years.. Too long. DD#1 and her youngest child, have been over to NZ. several times, during those years, but not the other three, because of schooling schedules. It will be lovely to see them all together. By Christmas time we will have two 15 yr.olds, two 13 yr olds, two 11yr olds and one seven yr old.... interesting ages !?!

A friend and I had a treat this week. A Tea-House has recently opened in one of our smartest stores. We went along to investigate. We were treated like royalty, shown to our seats, offered a menu (of different teas !) and advised as to what delicate refreshment to have with what tea. White , green or black....we were even told what time of the day the leaves were picked for each tea, at what height the tea grew and the difference that made to the colour and flavour... I'll never use a tea-bag again !!!! Just for your interest, I had a smoked salmon sandwich with a white tea (served in a covered cup but drunk out of a bowl ) A lovely experience and all for under ten (NZ) dollars !!

Have a good week, xtra hug for Bee.



I'm just sitting here giggling because anyone coming onto the board to read these posts might thing we're talking about your husband...instead of the dog



It is not so much the bad breath, though that is not the best, but the ear wash when he thinks I should get up. YUCCCCCCCCCK. Hugs Bee.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Encouraging news, Bee

It's all too easy to take life for granted until some serious health issues come along. I'm glad the news is better than first expected, Bee. Nothing like a dog on your pillow, though, when you wake up in the morning. His nose will be out of joint when your husband returns home. How's his breath first thing in the morning?! (grin).

I remember going to a cottage after our final year in secondary school with friend, Penny. I woke up in the morning to find her German Shepherd, head on my pillow sound asleep and oblivious to the horror of my waking up to find such a large and unexpected bed companion. Today, I have two Aussies on the bed with me and they are both a great comfort. Mind you, Hope's breath leaves something to be desired.

Very cold here in Southern Ontario today, back down to 19F driving into town this morning but it will slowly warm up in the coming week.


Thank you all so much

For the support and good wishes for Harry and myself. he is much better and will possibly be coming home next week. His kidneys are fuctioning again and things are looking up. I didn't like being told " it could go either way"although I know he is well past his three score and ten . Our dr's nurse came to see me on Tuesday with a dose of the flu injection for me and by the evening I was a cot case, I always have the shot but this time it messed me up and I have only spoken to DH by phone . I couldn't go and give the bug to him . But todays the day and I am so looking forward to seeing how he is . Our boys have been every day and I have had updated all the time . Great family we have, so lucky. The dog will be very sorry to give up "his"side of the bed when Harry comes home.I do't shut him in the laundry at night as I like the security and Gus takes advantage and his head is very quietly on the pillow when I wake up. Love and hugs to all of you dear friends. Bee in NZ

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If I could take time to read closely . . .

I posted this over on the main BB page. Ack. I'll blame it on the strong antibiotics I'm on. Rx med brain.

BEE in NZ - Hugs for you; your DH's condition must be rather frightening. Take care, please stay in touch.

Well, I'm over the awful cold and left with a sinus infection, as usual. Argh... So now the antibiotics will make me a walking zombie for the next 10 days. The good news is that all this will be behind me before we go out of town in a couple of weeks.

Our DDIL ran a half-marathon this past Sunday, and we're very proud of her. DH has done a 10k, and I have walked a 6-mile trail but do not (can not) run. I can walk faster than I can run!

No sewing done here over the past week or two, due to the sinus crud, but Spring is almost here and I'll probably get up there this week and start some warm weather clothing. I need to collect the lawn mower from the shop, it had its spring spa visit and is ready to come home. The grass is also growing like mad, already. Gosh, just a little bit of sunshine and warm weather, and it's having its own grow-fest out there. I'll have to mow it by this weekend.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bee in NZ

Bee, support and concern for your husband and you. Please let us know how you are and about your husband's condition. It is frightening, isn't it. How vulnerable we all are to the realities of living life.


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Welcome back, sorry about your marital woes but your house sounds great. My DS1 was in Taupo last week and as always loved it.We are still very dry here but foggy this morning, I have had to water my trees, most unusual. My DH has been in hospital again and is not very well , any prayers would be very much appreciated. He was not well a couple of days ago but I think he is a little better , at his age (84) heart and kidney failure is not unusual but as you can imagine I am worried sick. I have been told it is 50/50 if he comes home. Don't want to be on the computer too long . Hugs for now , Bee in NZ