Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here again.

I am sorry I haven't replied before but my computer died. It has been sounding like a box of knives and forks for ages but decided enough was enough and stopped. It has taken me a while to find the book where my passwords etc were hidden but here I am. Still cold here but supposed to be Spring right !!! Gus is thrilled as he is in line for a much needed bath. (remember he hates water) I use a dry shampoo in winter but I don't like it as much as my own one. Brett, the vet, gave me a recipe and I always use it. Nothing much going on here, plenty of Cleaning and weeding ,where do they all come from, I have weeds to everywhere, and I sprayed a lot last year. I might have to go back to the nasty stuff ,only as a last resort though. I should be able to quilt again soon as it gets warmer and my hands work again. Family have just arrived so will catch you later. Hugs Bee in NZ.

It's that time of year...the woodsman has been notified:  "A gentlman's load of wood, please, for himself".  It usually takes three or four calls up north, the last becoming more frantic as time goes on and we're not sure the message has been picked up and then the familiar voice:  "Got your message, not to worry, specially selected 'gentleman's load will be coming, not sure when" and then the call...the delivery is coming tomorrow morning...and himself races off to the bank to get out a considerable sum for the tree length wood and then the work begins.  I asked if he wanted to check out his chain saw before the wood arrived.  "No" said he, "I like to live dangerously"....and we both know that means if the chain saw doesn't start when the load arrives, there will be great drama involved..."My chain saw won't go"...and running off into town to Mr. Henry's repair shop...and delays expected because of course, it won't be fixed overnight.  Why does he live on the edge??  I can't figure it out...but it happens every year.

Doris has some news when she comes down off the clouds...Doris???

Rosey here in Ontario, Canada

Thursday, September 5, 2013

It is Thursday morning and  fall is in the air !   I have spent a couple of fun days with Marg(aka Maggie Meadow mouse)   We r now off to a quilt retreat in Ignace for 3 is a lovely group of quilters who put this on at least once a year but we convinced them to do a 2nd one this year in the fall....bags are packed, machines are loaded and we r just savouring a cup of coffee before driving an hour east .......

Hope all is well with everyone......