Monday, April 14, 2008

this, that and taxes

The rain and wind that was in Agusta, GA. on Sat. hit us yesterday morning. Tonight is supposed to be down to 38, and it was 80 just 2 days ago. I spent the morning pulling weeds, and spraying Roundup. I'm paying for it now with itchy eyes and a stuffy head.
Doris, you must have loved Agusta. The flowers and the golf course looked wonderful on TV.
With the size of the check we mailed off to the IRS today I could have bought a top of the line Bernina, or whatever I wanted. Sigh-- I don't mind paying taxes if they just didn't use them for buying luxury items for themselves, or studying gas in cows, but for things that really matered.
I wanted to go look at new machines this afternoon, but wound up taking a nap on the couch instead. While I was sleeping the puppy made off with one of my good sandals and chewed it up. Bad dog, no biscuit!
Hopefully the rest of the week will pick up and I'll have more energy. Not going to do any more yard stuff this week, maybe get some quilty things finished.
All for now.
Sara in Fla.