Sunday, August 16, 2009


At the local rec. center where I work out there is a quilt of the very same pattern hanging. I guess someone donated it for decor or has lent it as there is no attribution by sign and no label but there is a simple not for sale sign. Some months ago there were a bunch of quilts hanging in the hallway which were for sale to benefit something or other. They were all quite well done. In any case, I have been excited by the current one and subject it to close inspection every time I work out which hasn't been often enough lately. I'd pretty much decided to use my three bags of scraps simply strung together to make guest room quilts and under the influence of this quilt decided that the sashing between rows add some unity and by using the same fabric to the two twins will have the appearance of a deliberate pair. Laura, your colors are wonderful. I've never been to Hawaii but have spent some wonderful time in the Bahamas where the water is almost emerald green and the houses are every color in the rainbow. The tropical flowers are brilliant against the green foliage and the sandy earth.

Jane, preparing for the trip (sans wedding quilt) to Los Angeles for DD's wedding