Saturday, May 10, 2008

At least Jane hasn't lost her sense of humor...

I can just hear her saying "...I'm not dead yet!." What an ordeal. It is good to see that you are improving as the days go by, Jane. We had our last Guild meeting on Thursday evening so my tenure as Pres. is over - it was really a fun year. As a President's thank-you some of the guild members make blocks for the outgoing Pres. so I asked that they make blocks like the ones a lot of you made me last fall when I was diagnosed with BC. When I get the blocks put together it will certainly be a reminder of the the past year... At our last meeting we had Mattie Rhodes from Quiltsmart in Chanhassen - by Minneapolis. She did a workshop in the afternoon and a trunk show/lecture in the evening. Wow - was a fun day and what a neat technique. I started on a broken lone star and had to pick up another pattern before the day was over so will be doing a mariner's compass (some day).... Spring seems to have finally arrived in Minnesota - I got a good start on yard work. I actually called the college in town and posted a note for HELP for spring yard clean up . Three strapping young men came to rescue and picked up sticks, hauled piles and piles of leaves to the woods, carried out all the lawn furniture, etc., etc. I might have them come back to plant a bunch of shrubs for me too - DH has been really busy and gone quite a bit so he was really happy to see that a lot of the Honey Do jobs were already done this year. .. Better get something accomplished inside before I go play outside - Happy Mother's Day to all the moms .. Joleen in MN

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

from: Jane's Secretary

Jane would ask if anyone who might feel like contributing a block to her, would you consider making a quilt for charity (I said in her name but Jane said she's not dead yet !!!). She's coming along and she hopes to be out of the wheelchair in a couple of weeks and hopes that the boot is off her ankle in that same space of time. Boot might come off in two weeks but Jane is not convinced as yet of that. She will then have occupational therapy on her hand and physio on her ankle. The hand details are gory: it's her left hand but the middle finger, the quilting finger has been most damaged. It happened in the accident on the way down over the bank. There was damage to the roof of the SUV and Jane thinks that it came into contact with her hand with steel and glass from the roof. The hand has had to be reconstructed, the skin was off and it was down to bone and tendons. The repair was called reconstruction. She was very lucky because the hand surgeon was one of the top people in his field in the east. Jane's grandson's want pictures of the gory details so Jane is going to photograph her x-rays for them to satisfy their blood thirst. The surgeon's office is full of quilts...antique ones, new ones; he collects quilts and buys them. (might be an idea to do a quilt for the surgeon??) He wants proof that she can make a quilt he's encouraging her to look forward. She thinks that she may end up being able to piece but applique will be a challenge that she may never meet...there you go. Her brother is still cooking for her; she's looking forward to functioning...she hates being helpless....She would have been in a nursing home if her brother had not been able to look after her. He lives in New Mexico. He brought his dog...plotthound...what's that???? Imported from Germany...the breed...bear hunting dog breed and it was bred in NC. Dog's name: Ruke. Does he get along with Shadow: they ignore each other (sounds like a married couple,

Jane is aiming for Grace's retreat...Grace, when you get back to Golden Lake, let the ladies know what your plans are...She hopes to be reasonably healthy by then. The hand looks pretty awful but she'll settle for function.

Signing off:


Monday, May 5, 2008

Jane, etc

I'm glad to see that Jane has managed to post and I'm wondering, with a broken ankle and hand that is defective, if sending Jane material for a quilt might not be a painful reminder of what she can't do at the moment or for some time to come. I've been out of town for a few days and so am just catching up with the board at the moment.

Jane, just what you need...a set-back like this when you were doing so well after your knee operations. Again, you are lucky to be alive after tumbling over the bank into the creek. I shudder to think what might have happened if your SUV had not landed wheels to the ground instead of on its head. You are meant to be here and you are meant to complete another day. Jane, I will call you when things settle down here later in the week and if it's easier for me to post for you, I will type as you speak to me.

Marion, I'm glad to read about your trip. I was thinking about you and I've connected with your SIL's brother...that trip to Ireland is a goal for me. It sounds like fun.

I'm catching my breath after flying in at noon today. My step-daughter Katie graciously looked after Ceilidh and Hope; dog sitting one more dog in addition to her own dog...she had two Australian Shepherds and two goldens in the house. She said that it was a good thing the cleaining lady was coming tomorrow....(no kids to dirty up her house but I did notice that one of ours left a patch of dog hair on their nice carpeting on the stairs).

Spring is definitely here...a very long and hard winter for most of us here in the northern hemisphere. Now to stop the clock and hold onto what little spring we do get.


Well done Jane !

Great to hear from you ! What an effort ! Do take your recovery time seriously though. No point in trying to hurry the healing process. Am I right in thinking that you have a daughter who is an Occ. Therapist ? If so, she will have plenty to say about what you should or shouldn't be doing !!
Very cold here this morning , everything white with frost outside. The Alps are sparkling against the clear blue sky, they had their first coating of snow at the w/end.
I am off to town to get some photos printed from the discs that they are on. Nothing like an album to flick through to remember happy times. I phoned around and found a place which will do prints at less than half the price of the local outlet. Once the photos are done and in their albums I'll be able to think about sewing again !
Have a good day.

Jane dear!

How wonderful hearing from you! Thank you for taking the time to type a note. Sounds like it is difficult for you so your efforts are extra appreciated. Hugs to you!!!

Wish I could think of something to help you through this long recovery time. If you would like a block or fabric shower, I'm sure that could be arranged. Of course many, many, many thoughts and hugs are flying your direction. Take good care, stay off that healing foot!!! and just know you are being wished well.

Hugz, Mary in Oregon

Hi Jane

Hello Jane,
sorry to hear what happened to you. Thank goodness you weren't submerged :(
I hope you mend very quickly and get around soon.
It seems very unfair after you were getting better from the surgery for this to happen.
I am glad weather is improving for you now, at least you don't have the cold to suffer too.
My little bear cub is now 7 1/2, and growing up fast. I took Jen and her big sister Kate to a Quilters Guild study day for young people at Easter. They hand printed cloth and heat set it. Then made them into cushions after doing some hand quiltingof a fashion LOL. This is the main association in Britain for Quilters. They have just moved to York into a new home which will house a museum.
Just finishing mine off. I brought it home to quilt it properly. Then decided it needed piping around the edge. That is put together ready to sew now. One seam hopefully and it's done.
Off to a concert tonight...Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. It's a holiday here in Britain today for May Day.
Beverley. Stripey Bear.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


This will be a major accomplishment. I'm typing with both hands. That was impossible ten days ago. It hurts a bit and takes forever with lots of corrections. Hand surgeon says it will be a year of therapy before we will know the final outcome. I complained a bit about the typing and his warm, sympathetic response was "Do it. It's good for you."

The ankle had a setback because I was doing a bit of walking a few steps at a time and displace a bone that had been screwed together. The trauma surgeon predicted more surgery if I keep that up so I'm imprisoned in the house in the wheel chair. Having some nasty bouts of depression and didn't get to sleep til 4 AM this morning. It took several passes at finishing Lee Smith's wonderful new book, ON AGATE HILL. It was so sad that I could read only a few pages and then I would tear up and not be able to read until got under control and had dry eyes.

Weather here is perfect. I long for the day I can walk with Shadow again. All I can do is sit in the doorway and throw the ball.

Hand aches. Think I'll head for bed with new Grisham book, THE VERDICT.

Love to you all. Thanks for your support.

Jane in NC

twitchy fingers...!

Oh Mary, I know what you mean ! It's months since I did did any sewing ! I took an "activities bag" overseas with me, (!) but didn't even get to open it. Since we've been home I've been too busy to think about it. The garden is in need of the autumn tidy-up. Last week I spent a day in a friend's garden, doing just that . It was good to get the soil under the finger nails again !

I too, would like to send, at least a card, to Jane. Emails are fine but there's something special about getting mail and cards can be so pretty and/ or amusing. I think she would enjoy that. It sounds as if she's in for quite a long time recovery time.

A cold snap here at the w/end reminding us that winter is on the way. I quite look forward to cosy evenings around the fire again, our winters aren't too long or cold . Remind me that I said that in the middle of July when I'm getting tired of the short and dull days !!

DH is off to golf today so I have a day of washing/ironing/cooking/cleaning without interruption ! Something wrong with that picture ? That's just the way it is in this household ! (ahhhhhh..)
Better make a start !
Have a good day.

Jane, etc.

I too have been thinking of Jane and all she's been going through. I wonder if she might enjoy a 'fat quarter' shower or 5-inch square fabric shower? I'd love to at least send her a card if possible. Could you email me her addy at: dolphin quilter at hotmail dot com (run together and convert the at and dot)? TIA

I haven't posted in forever. My life is boring in comparison to others but like everyone I seem to stay mighty busy. Right now I'm working in the yard. We've carefully cultivated quite a collection of weeds which I'm attempting to cull out. :-) My body isn't used to this sort of work! But it's been good. I love being outside and our weather has finally gotten decent for working in the yard.

We are remodeling our kitchen and dining area. My DH is doing all the work. I've helped with some painting but he's doing the work of replacing the cabinets and putting in new laminate flooring. I think I might be able to begin putting things into the new cupboards and drawers near the end of the month. YEA! The entire house is one huge mess with stuff temporarily stored in whatever room had a teensy bit of space. Plus, sawdust and debris from the remodel work. I'm anxious to start cleaning as I've got a friend coming in July.

I haven't seen my sewing machine other than to give it a pat it in greeting for months. My fingers would be twitchy to be sewing but the weed pulling seems to have helped keep them occupied lately. :-) Speaking of weeds, I hear a few more calling.

Hope everyone has a great week!
Hugz, Mary in Oregon