Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cleaning dinosaur bones for fun?

I've heard of a lot of ways to have fun, but that's a new one. DH & I have spent the last 3 hrs. cleaning out, picking up, etc. the gutters and leaves. NOT fun, but it had to be done. After several breaks I just came in. This is the first nice, sunny day we have had in about 2 weeks. Lots and lots of rain. Cold for No. Fla. 34, 40, windy, burr. The yard has some freeze damage, I trimmed a few things, but the pollen is so bad I decided to be safe. With the dust mask, hat, eye protection, and so on I looked like a space person, so thankfully no one saw me. Have found a new way to irritate the daughter! Not that I was looking. I've been going through lots of old pictures and posted some on line on my facebook page. Her in 1st grade, H.S. graduation picture with the crazy hair. She was not happy. Will send the whole bunch to her and she can do what she wants with them. Also took my Mom's wedding dress off the dress form and instead of spending big bucks to have it put in a shadow box I'm sending it to the oldest niece. At her request. Slowly cleaning out. All for now, DH decided he is ready for a snack. Sara in finally sunny Fla.

away to Melbourne

I am all packed and ready to go . Tomorrow the cat and dog go to the kennels and I fly first thing Monday morning to Melbourne for 8 days. I am so looking forward to going , first holiday for about 6-7 years. Couldn't go when Harry was sick but now is the time. The two sons are going to the Grand Prix and my DIL and I are just enjoying ourselves. No doubt a bit of shopping will be done but no real plans. She hasn't been there for years so we will be seeing a few touristy things and I will be wandering. Just miss seeing Fran and Graham but I will catch up later with them. Next trip is going to clean dinosaur bones in Queensland, that will be such fun. The family just can't see the attraction but I really want to go there. Must go and check my bag again. I am sure I have all I need but don't want to give my sons any chance to tease me if I forget anything. Dear wee boys. Hugs to all Bee in NZ.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Living in/near a small town....

The first Wednesday of the month is when I do my monthly shopping as it's Senior's day at the grocery store.  I fill in through the month with milk, bread and juice but pretty much get all I need in one day's shopping.  And I live near a small town,  have been here for 26 yrs.  This afternoon I ran into three former Scottish Country Dancing friends (former because we're all getting older and there is no-one to teach a class...our knees would give out now anyway).  It's special to run into friends I don't see everyday but in the shops in town.  One older woman, who has had a cataract operation (I'm due next year I suspect) said, "don't worry, it's not as bad as you might think"...and then we discussed the eye doctor, whom I'd heard was somewhat odd (to put it mildly) and I asked her what he was like.  She said; "he has the manners of a warthog"...(He's an eye specialist)...I roared with laughter....such a ladylike older woman and she's telling it like it is.  Then the friends we met, husband and wife, originally from Scotland, the husband is growing foliage on his chin and cheeks.  I asked him if this was winter protection or was he going to keep it and he said: 'I'm not sure" and his wife leaned over and whispered in my ear..".the ladies all seem to like it" (they live in a senior's development)...and then she said:  "And, I don't care".....Nice when you get old enough to speak the truth and both comments made me giggle.  I could imagine that she wasn't going to get scratched up with the whiskers at any time soon.

And then, bringing the groceries into the house, Meg, the year and a quarter pup, has taken to guarding them, particularly the bird suet, which if she can get into it, she will...and then, getting supper for she and Annie, a huge fight between the two of them developed and I couldn't get in-between them...never had two females fight before but I was told that red haired dogs were hot tempered.  Seems to be true.  Sweet as sugar most of the time but boy she's feisty....they are simmering down in the crates and will have to wait for their suppers.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If only I could find my photos !!

I was clever enough to put some emailed photos, into a file the other day, but now I can't find them.  I get so cross with myself for being so stupid.  I just don't take the time to find out about these things.  The truth of the matter is that the computer still scares me..

We have had a "southerly storm" here the past few days (look south of NZ and you'll know why that brings cold and wet weather !).  More trees down, more flooding, and more homes without power... Mother Nature has caused some problems around the globe in the last twelve months.  I wonder if it has always been thus, or if we just hear more about it now, in this age of instant information...

We are due to fly up to Auckland tomorrow for a few days with DD and family..  DGD is due to start Uni this week and had a bit of a "meltdown" about it last night, she is a bit of a drama queen, bless her, I hope she'll be over it by the time we get there...!   DH is 75 today ...How did that happen ? We will have a quiet celebration with friends tonight and then a family "do" in Auckland tomorrow.   I'm anxious about leaving my friend in hospital but I doubt that she will know that I'm not there to visit.  She still bravely smiles when I am with her, but I'm not sure about her overall comprehension of what's going on.  That may be a blessing for her.

We had a new carpet put down in the family room yesterday. Two doors had to be taken off. DH. was left to put them back on...Big mistake.!!!.. It took all night and many trips to the garage to shave the botton off the doors, so that they could cope with the new, deeper carpet... Strangely, there is now a gap at the TOP of one door....Am I the only one wondering if he shaved the top, instead of the bottom ????  I haven't said a word...not much point really !

Time to put another log on the fire....



DH and I, as well as all my friends and I, have the downsizing conversation from time to time.   We are not ready yet,  but "YET"  is spelled You're Eligible Too.   ;-)  I am ready to give up the big one acre yard, but not my nice size dining room or bedrooms (that includes the sewing room!), nor am I ready to give up our convenient location or neighborhood.  We would have to move to an adjacent town to get a smaller lot and house.   So, we are not quite there with being ready to downsize,  but I could definitely do with less square feet in a house to clean, heat, and air-condition.

Sara in FL - DH and I owned a second (vacation) home for ten years and after a while, it was too much bother to mow two lawns and cover the upkeep.   We have a pool table, too, and hope whoever takes this house will want the pool table also.   Right now it mostly serves to hold the laundry as I fold it, and stuff needing to be ironed. 

Am posting a picture of our Sophie, only half-way through a day of babysitting our DGD.   It just wears her out!  (the dog, not the DGD- LOL)  Sophie is so curious about this baby and so far, she is quite well-behaved around DGD.   I do not leave them unsupervised together, because a dog is a dog, and a baby/child is a baby/child,  and Sophie is not accustomed to being in close quarters with a child.   Sophie has always loved seeing neighborhood children when we are on our walks, so I think they'll get on just fine with supervision.

Monday, March 3, 2014

We are planing to do what Bee is doing

Yes, move. For 2 years I have resisted the thought. Bee is going to a smaller cottage behind her son's. That is a wonderful thing! I wish my daughter and family lived here so I could go have a "cottage" in back of them, but No, we are putting the house on the market in about 4-6 weeks. From there I'm not sure. Maybe stay in the wee,little condo at the beach for a bit. Lots of furniture to sell/give away,store. You may recall I didn't want to go live in a beach condo years ago. Now I have completely changed my mind! The house is 3 bd. 2 bath, large yard, trees, too much to keep up. We are paying for yard service, roof cleaning, and so on. We are both 65 and have survived cancer. Why shouldn't I do something my husband wants to do? He LOVES the ocean, and less cleaning, more quilting sounds inviting. The problem is that property at the beach is very pricy, not nearly as low as this side of the town. It's all relative. From watching all the HGTV house shows in Canada, it seems like a very expensive place to own a home! So, yes, downsizing. Will keep a few family pieces, the bedroom set, and will have to sort all the fabrics, etc. Our real problem is DH's pool table, and all the things that go with it. Maybe someone who buys the house will want to buy it with it in place. So, that's what's going on here, and why I haven't posted in a while. Trying to finish up some charity quilts 30 min. at a time. DSIL flew to Haiti for a mission trip, then was supposed to return to N.D. today. About 80 in Haiti and Miami, about -7 in N. D. I hope the shock doesn't effect him too badly. DD has been driving to and from work at the post office in - weather, and gave her 2 weeks notice. I know the US post office has to be open, but gee, if there is a blizzard and you can't even get out the door, what do you do? Hope they can move to a "larger" town in the Summer. By larger, I mean more than 5 houses. Their next biggest town is Langdon, N.D. where their church is. Surely they can find a place there somewhere to rent?? OK, I have 30 min. before DH arrives home! A quilting we shall go! Sara in Fla.